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Remington® UMC® Handgun Ammo Range Bucket
A great value without compromise in quality
Standard bullet weights and velocities
Reloadable brass cases
Clean-burning powder
Kleanbore primers

For target shooting, self-defense training, or high-volume shooting enjoyment, the Remington UMC Handgun Ammo Range Bucket offers a great value without any compromise in quality or performance. The Range Bucket comes in popular handgun calibers loaded in FMJ bullets in standard weights and velocities, so you can switch to personal protection ammunition after training without changing your firearm's sights. UMC (Union Metallic Cartridge) handgun ammo features reloadable brass cases, Kleanbore® primers, and clean-burning powder. Remington's 140 years of experience in manufacturing efficiencies keeps costs down, so you can enjoy the freedom of shooting without worrying about how much it's setting you back. Made in USA. Per 350 rounds.


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It’s sick what companies are doing with ammo. High demand ammo during a pandemic and it is ok you can raise prices. It’s capitalism. High demand hand sanitizer though? Price gouging!

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This is bordering on price gouging at .23 cents per round. And that doesn’t include shipping and other charges.

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WATCH OUT BE CAREFUL — If not mistaken your going to get WACKED a $20.00 Hazardous Material charge added !! I’m glad this is Holy Week or I would tell them where to ^*#” *** in capital letter !

3 votes
0 votes
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