These photos represent the overall condition of these Remington 870 Police Magnum police trades. Price is for one Remington 870 police trade shotgun.

As with many used and police trade-in firearms, these may contain scratches and/or signs of wear. This is not always the case, but should not be unexpected.

Firearm Features

Make: Remington
Model: 870 Police Magnum
Caliber: 12 Gauge
Capacity: 7+1
Barrel Length: 20 inches
Stock: Black Synthetic

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Rebates for Remington brand

Exp. date: 01.11.2019
Exp. date: 31.12.2019
CFR HTP Copper $3.00 CFR Hypersonic $3.00 CFR Scirocco $3.00 Model 700 AWR $75.00 Model 700 BDL $75.00 Model 700 CDL $75.00 Model 700 Long Range $75.00 Model 700 Mountain SS $75.00 Model 700 Sendero SF II $75.00 Model 700 SPS $50.00 Model 700 SS 5-R $75.00 VOR-TX Ammunition $3.00

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If you're considering buying this, look into a Winchester 1300 Defender instead. About the same price for better condition and the 1300 is one of the smoothest, fastest, and lightest pumps I have ever had the pleasure to shoot.

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