Remington 11-87 Police 12 GA w/ Night Sights - $539.95

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Remington 11-87 Police 12 Ga w/ Night Sights - Good Condition

Police Department trade in Remington 11-87 Police 12 Ga Semi Auto Shotgun with night sights. All shotguns come with functional Trijicon three dot night sights, extended magazine tube and 18" barrel. These guns all have black synthetic furniture and accept 2 3/4" or 3" 12 gauge shotgun shells. Parkerized finish. Expect finish wear on all guns from being stored in various vehicle racks. Some guns will come with Remington factory box (May be 11-87 or 870 box).

Category: Shotguns
Caliber: 12 GA
Brand: Remington
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I bought one of these and a

I bought one of these and a police trade in Glock 21 from them. I got a SF frame and it was in great condition with just a little holster wear on the slide. It was dirty but cleaned up nicely. I dont think it has been fired much. The 11-87 was a little rougher with a few fairly big spots that were worn to bare metal on the barrel and receiver. There was a name written on the stock with silver permanent marker that will not scrub off with solvent, so it will need some duracoat or paint of some kind. I am still happy with the shotgun, it is mechanically perfect and just has the wear from sitting in the vehicle cradle. To get both of those delivered for just under a thousand dollars was a hell of a bargain. The night sights on both still glow bright enough to use.

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what's with police pricing

what's with police pricing lately? gun laws are relaxing, you're not getting almost full price for a used gun.

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These shotguns are almost

These shotguns are almost $900 new:

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That link is for a 20 gauge,

That link is for a 20 gauge, when you click on additional information at the bottom of the ad, the top does say 12 gauge, needs clarification.

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You are correct, it's just a

You are correct, it's just a lot of money for a used shotgun in general, when you can pick up a Mossberg 930 for less. ANd have a new auto shotgun with 8-10 rounds and a warantee.

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I have had good luck with

I have had good luck with this business. Purchased used Sig 226 and 3 of their billet lowers. Will buy from again when I have money. :-)

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