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When speed and performance are a must, American-made Reebok® Tactical Boots deliver. Designed for duty action, they're non-bulky, supportive, and flexible—so you can run, climb, crawl and chase without hindrance. Inside, a combination of gel heel pads and shock-absorbing PU insole provides vital cushioning for full days on your feet, while the moisture-wicking mesh lining eliminates excess moisture. You stay dry, comfortable, and ready for action.

Last but not least, Reebok® Fushion Max Tactical Boots feature oil-, chemical- and heat-resistant outsoles that keep you on your toes through a variety of terrains and surfaces. They'e non-metallic and security-friendly too!

Leather and CORDURA® nylon uppers are flexible and lightweight
Nylon mesh lining provides a moisture-wicking, cooling effect
Removable, shock-absorbing PU insoles
Shock-absorbing gel heel pads
Anti-slip outsole is resistant to oil, chemicals and heat
Non-metallic, security-friendly
Padded tongue and collar
Made in America
Each approx. 8"h., 16 oz.
Act fast!

Key Specifications
Item number: 424175
Upper: Leather and CORDURA® nylon
Insole: Removable shock-absorbing PU with gel heel pads
Outsole: Oil-, chemical- and heat-resistant anti-slip
Lining: Moisture-wicking mesh
Color: Sage
Height (approx.): 8"
Weight per boot (approx.): 16 oz.
Mfg. Number: CM8999
Country of origin: USA
Item number: WX2-424175

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only up to size 6 now, I guess they are only sized for dwarfs, underpants gnomes, leprechauns, children and other creatures of south park mythology

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WTF........up to size 7 !?!?!?!? This is one of the most useless “deals” on

2 votes
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More useless crap....

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What are these for the munchkin swat team?

2 votes
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Size 7 is the largest as of 19-04-22

1 vote
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Know any women with wide feet?

1 vote
0 votes

[More details, in explanation of my comment. I used to sell shoes...] Avg. width for women's shoe sizes is B. Avg. width in men's shoe sizes is D. Men's sizes are 1? or 2? larger than women's [sorry, it's been over 30 years since I worked retail sales] so a men's 7 is a women's 9 iirc. [Maybe women's 8?] But always wider than the equivalent women's shoe. Won't even *try* to sort out where kid's sizes morph into adult sizes; for that you'd need one of the metal shoe-sizing gizmos you see in all the shoe emporiums. There is just no other way to do it... Anyway, the "standard" men's shoe size is 9 [as in, that's what the buyers will keep the largest numbers of in stock]; for women it's size 7. These are all U.S. sizes & such; English shoe sizes are 1 down from U.S. [so a U.S. 11 is an English 10, unless they've gone over to the wonky Euro sizes, then it would be a 45 & 2/3... ::p

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