Designed by Tamir Porat, and manufactured by Recover Tactical this magazine clip fits the Glock 17.

Allows you to carry multiple magazines without the need of a Pouch. Allows you to swap between magazines without the hassle of digging into a pouch.

Recover Tactical
Fits: The Glock 17
Will not interfere with loading & unloading

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Ahh the elusive Magazine clip... lol

In before the news says it holds 200 rounds.

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I had to look up WTF this was!? Found a video. Hard to listen to the Southern accent of the guy! You can't use this if you're like me and use the Backstrap/Grip Plug.

Skip to 3:02 to avoid listening to the guy ramble

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I tried one of these and kicked it's tires a bit, I modified it slightly by taking a rotary tool and grinding off the three 'nubs', once the nubs were removed it dropped free. With that said, once I was done tinkering with it, I put my grip plug back in and this went into my spare parts bin where it sits with other crazy parts like the Quick Draw Clip.

PS, I appreciate you posting this video, I wouldn't have bought it had I not seen your link several weeks back. Even though I think this product isn't my cup of tea, I still appreciate you locating that video.

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