The ReCover Tactical® 20/20 Stabilizer Kit is the lightweight, budget-friendly, no-fuss way to turn your Glock into a super-stable carbine-style PDW (personal defense weapon). The lightweight glass-reinforced polymer frame installs quickly and easily with NO disassembly or gunsmithing required, and works with your existing compensastors and red dots. The included charging handles won't interfere with standard Glock U-notch sights or popular red dots—so your options are open. The folding arm brace with elastic strap makes it extra stable and keeps it compact when not in use, so it'll easily fix into a glove box or backpack.

The 20/20MG Kit is ReCover's fully loaded tactical package, complete with G7 Holster and MG9 Magazine Holder Foregrip.


The new G7 OWB Holster from ReCover Tactical® provides you with a lightweight, versatile, one-size-fits-all carry option for a wide range of pistols. The G7 system comes with an over-rail adapter that securely attaches to your pistol's accessory rail. This adapter interfaces with the Holster to provide a fast, smooth draw and easy, secure re-holstering. The over-rail adapter actually has its own rail, so it accommodates a light or laser and won't interfere with holstering. The G7 system is fully ambidextrous with no modifications required, and fully adjustable for cant—so you can dial in your preferred configuration. Retention is fully adjustable for added security.


The MG9 acts as both a spare mag pouch AND foregrip, making it a double-duty must-have for your pistol-caliber carbine or Glock conversion. It fits on any platform with a Picatinny rail, and locks into place via a push-button mount.

Stabilizer Kit:
Compatible with over 40 Glock 9mm/.40 S&W models
Made from lightweight glass-reinforced polymer
Simple installation, no disassembly or gunsmithing required
Compatible with compensators and red dots
Uses the pistol's existing sights
Compatible with the G7 Holster (sold separately)
Includes frame, folding brace with strap, low-profile charging handle, high-profile charging handle, sling, and Picatinny side rails
G7 Holster:
Fits Glock double-stack pistols chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG that have an integral rail
Outside-the-waistband design
Lightweight glass-reinforced polymer is much lighter than the multitude of leather holsters out there
Fully ambidextrous with no modifications required
Fully adjustable for cant
Adjustable passive retention
Over-rail adapter accommodates a light or laser
MG9 Mag Holder Foregrip:
Integrated magazine holder with retention for quick mag changes
Fits standard Glock double-stack magazines
Universal fit for any platform with Picatinny rail
Locking push button for quick mounting
Made from lightweight glass-reinforced polymer
Built-in finger stop keeps your fingers from slipping in front of the muzzle
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Key Specifications
Item Number: 719493
Color: Tan
Mfg. Number: 2020MGT

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TLDR: Design and quality issues.

Ironically this Stabilizer with Brace will not for left handed use so if you DO require an assistive brace you had better hope that your injury/disability is YOUR LEFT HAND cuz you know, it would be terribly inconvenient for you to want to use an assistive brace on your Right Hand (I have right hand nerve damage so braces and stabilizer kits are very important to me. I'm running a Gen 5 Glock 19 and a Gen 4 Glock 17.)

FYI: I am a loyal Recover Tactical product supporter. I own multiple Recover Tactical charging handles and rails and have been very happy to recommend them. I purchased four of the Stabilizer Kits with G7 Holster and MG9 Angled Pouch. Perhaps I hold Recover Tactical to a higher standard but the Recover Tactical Stabilizer Kit is a disappointment and will not work for someone who has lost sensory and motor skills with their right hand.

The Good:
Shouldering the brace lines up with iron sights.
The kit is low profile and shooting with it shouldered and as a assistive brace works.
It does help felt recoil and increased my range with my Glocks.
The holster pic rail attachment is solid.
I really like the brace design (except for issues below).

The Not-So-Good
The G7 Holster: flimsy build. The draw mechanic is iffy if used under pressure. I would not trust this holster for any kind of use other than display. Definitely not any kind of duty.
The stock only folds one way so the G7 Holster cannot be setup to holster or draw left. This should have been noted as well as ...
USING THE HOLSTER MEANS YOU CANNOT USE/MOUNT ANYTHING TO THE LEFT/CLOSE SIDE OF THE STABILIZER. When holstered to the G7 the Stabilizer is so close there is no room for anything to be attached to the left pic rail. There's barely enough room for the rail. I tried wedging my smallest light (Inforce WMLx) but doing THAT trips the holster release mechanic :( so if you expect to use BOTH side rails don't expect to be able to use the G7 holster.

The Stabilizer Kit will not work with Gen 5 backstraps.

The Stabilizer Kit (specifically the low charging handle) will not work with A Trijicon SRO (probably why they're selling an Upper Rail attachment)

The MG9 Pouch is so tight a Glock magazine cannot be removed unless both hands are used. Will it loosen up? I don't know, but as shipped any expectation that a fast mag change using the MG9 is impossible. I know, I tried three of them.

...the above issues had me looking even closer to the Kit and I noticed an improper fit with the taller "Upper Charging Handle" to the lower part. Since I bought a couple of the kits I compared them and, sure enough, ANY combo of Upper Charging Handle and lower had noticeable gap/fit issues. This is NOT the case when using just the Lower Charging Handle. Like I said, I've been a loyal Recover Tactical user. I really like the charging handles: I have one on my TC Shield, my G19 and will probably get one for my P365XL. I have the rail for my Shield and P365XL so I guess I'm expecting higher quality control from Recover Tactical and with OCD tendencies I can't unsee the Upper Charging Handle gaps. Unfortunately using the lower charging handle makes it difficult to rack.

I really wanted to like this product. Unfortunately there are too many issues to recommend it especially as a lefty. May be resolved in V2 or in the 20/21. But for now, because of the Limited Warranty I'm stuck with four stabilizer kits that I intended as gifts that I am no longer confident to give.

I have shared these concerns with Recover Tactical and will update this review if I receive a response.

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So how do you get the 114.00 deal?

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I have arthritis, torn rotator cuff, and old age. This brace works great for me but for the average person it's a mess. I also have several micro roni's , I like them the best but sometimes they are too heavy to pick up were as this little brace is not.

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Multiple fortunes are being made by other companies while Glock sits on its fat azz not making a carbine.
I guess they don't want to rent additional trucks to haul away the dough that a carbine would bring in.
I guess the old man at Glock has to die before a carbine is made.
Kind of like old man Ruger having to die before Ruger made larger capacity magazines.

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Check out Tactical Toolbox on YouTube. Great review of this and the flux. I was ready to purchase either one but after seeing his review I'm glad I didn't.

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They can’t really grab you for having this as a stand alone charge. No USAO will take that because no one is going to look at it and want to give you any time. Just saying

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NVM. That $0 shipping was confusing me.

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This version might get you in trouble with the NFA laws. That "G9 Magazine Holder Foregrip" makes this an SBR. That's why the Recover website put in a flimsy attempt to call it a "G9 Magazine Pouch" and not a grip (language from their site pasted below). Bottom line: if you catch any police scrutiny while in possession of this, it could be you and your lawyer explaining why you're not a felon and likely losing that tapdance. Recover Tactical will not help you.

"The Recover MG9 Angled Mag Pouch is designed to be used only as a magazine pouch and is not designed, nor should it, under any circumstance, be used, as a forward grip on a pistol. By purchasing a Recover MG9 Angled Mag Pouch BUYER specifically acknowledges that he has familiarized himself with current BATFE regulations governing a “short-barreled rifle” and “any other weapon” (both as defined in the NFA) and BUYER does not intend to use the Recover MG9 Angled Mag Pouch in a manner that is inconsistent with those BATFE regulations."

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It’s pretty iffy at best. The description on here literally states
“The MG9 acts as both a spare mag pouch AND foregrip, making it a double-duty must-have for your pistol-caliber carbine or Glock.”idksketch

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I appreciate you warning people about these risks but I see the situation presented to be handled two fold:

1) The ATF's attempts to call setups like these AOWs has been stricken down in multiple rulings (See US vs Davis, 26 USC § 5845(e) and 27 CFR 478.11 (article says 178.11 but that is a typo). Basically the law specifies that for it to be a VFG it must be 90 degrees to the bore axis of the firearm so even a foregrip of 89 degrees still makes it a pistol. Recover Tactical's disclaimers have nothing to do with the consumer (except to sell to them) rather than covering their own collective asses.

2) ANYTIME you deal with the police you must understand the legal ramifications of your actions (ignorance is not a viable defense) AND understand that LEO is not your friend: they may act friendly e.g. "Hey buddy, I think the ATF is BS too, I like to setup an VFG like with a home-made suppressor out of an oil filter, while snorting coke off strippers, don't you?" So much as a nod will get you thrown in jail. LEOs will lie and break the law they are sworn to protect to catch you in an arrestable offense so be smart: never admit to anything . Not usage, not a search, or explanation why or how you have a "mag pouch" on your firearm.

Best defense is to minimize the risk: detach the "mag pouch" when not in use (maybe even store it separately when going to/from the range). Never call it a VFG

This isn't much of an unproven grey area: CAA has been selling their MCKs for years and have had some form of a forward mag pouch on many of their model and the successful interpretation of pistol braces being shouldered was based on similar cases as mentioned above.

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Good explanation. I agree with you that "mag pouch" ReCover tries to finagle its wording to somewhat meet the law enforcement laws. That "pouch" resembles NOTHING of anything except a forward grip. The only caviot is the ability to remove it... Anyone buying this would certainly be pushing the luck with the ATF... not one I would want to take myself.

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Im not one who usually buys into alot of the "gimmicks" and , "tacticool" type crap but I find these kits to actually be of value and use. I like the design and the actual advantages and versatility these kits provide. Requiring zero pistol modifications to use is a great feature. These also would be a great option for folks who may have physical limitations and or disability. And yes, they are "cool" as well... lol

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