works with over 40 glocks
• Ready for use out of the box
• Simple installation (see video)
• Uses the Guns built in sights, no need to calibrate sights
• Compatible with over 40 Glock models
• Compatible with multi gen Glocks
• Compatible with compensators
• Compatible with Red Dot optics
• No pistol disassembly or permanent modifications required
• Ergonomic no modifications required UCH Charging Handle (or charging can be done using a red dot optic)
• Lightweight and compact
• Made from glass reinforced polymer
• Modular with optional picatinny rail adapters
• Increases accuracy
• Fully functional with folded armbrace
• Compatible with the G7 proprietary holster
• Compatible with Umarex and Cybergun officially licensed line of airgun and airsoft Glock pistols*

20/20 Stabilizer Kit includes:
– Stabilizer Frame
– Brace w/Strap
– UCH & GCH17 Charging Handles (low/high profile)

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Got one from recovery TACTICAL and it took over 4 months. If your really intrested go to the source.
You can save some money and time.

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0 votes

Not a deal. Same price as on Recover Tactical Site. Also, title should include "PREORDER" with the detail posibly shipping Mid June.

2 votes
0 votes

Thanks for the info, first time this item has crossed my radar. Sorry, but I laugh at the roni; I applaud their attempt, but I'm turned off by the design. This design is appealing enough to make we want one, when I don't need one. What's that saying..... "It's Better To Have It And Not Need It, Than To Need It And Not Have It!" Now to wait for reviews.

0 votes
0 votes

This looks like a better version the Roni. If I had a purpose for making my Glock a brace "SBR", I'd give this a try over the Roni! Should the price get closer to $50 I'd buy one.

1 vote
0 votes

Does this come with a slap to the face because your a dummy for buying one?

1 vote
1 vote
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