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Buttstock Tourniquet Holder-Tan

Quick, One-Handed Access in the Event of an Emergency
The Buttstock Tourniquet Holder by RE Factor Tactical is uniquely designed to give the user quick, one handed access to a tourniquet. The holder easily mounts to the buttstock of most rifles by using a universal bungee cord design.

- (2) Bungee cord retention straps
- Non-slip rubberized surface
- 1000D Cordura
- Made in the USA
- Tourniquet sold separately

The RE Factor Tactical Buttstock Tourniquet Holder uses a thin bungee to allow manipulation of the charging handle when the buttstock is collapsed. In addition, there is a non-slip backing which keeps the holder in place on the buttstock.


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Maybe this is so you can pretend to save the guy you just shot in an attempt to get reduced charges?

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I'd rather bleed out and die than be the moron who buys this. You can make a tourniquet out of a sock and a stick, how much more accessible does it need to be?

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Improvised tourniquets are most often ineffective. What happens when you get shot in the arm and you lose use of one hand? Good luck getting your boot off and making a, "Tourniquet". You could become unconscious in less than a minute if the femoral artery is severed, you wouldn't have time to make one. So I'll be the moron who has a tourniquet but I'll be a moron who is more likely to survive than you.

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