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The Grand is intended for the shot gunner who requires accurate, precision shotshells for hunting or trap and skeet. The operator merely has to start a hull at station 1 and insert a wad in the wad guide at station 4. All other functions are performed automatically by The Grand. Once in full operation, a loaded shotshell is dispensed each time the handle is cycled through the full down and up strokes.The case activated Powder System means no hull, no powder dropped and therefore no spillage, and there is no need to manually turn the powder on and off. Because the powder charging station is at the front of the press, it is easy to view the powder charge and convenient to remove the powder-charged hull for weighing the powder charge, if deemed necessary.The Powder System provides three positions for the Powder Measure: "ON", "OFF", and "EMPTY". To completely empty the powder hopper, attach the drain tube and turn the powder measure to "EMPTY". The powder will then drop back into the powder can at the bottom of the drain tube. The Powder Bushings easily interchange in about 30 seconds. Powder Bushings are available for all popular loads. Hornady Powder Bushings may also be used in The Grand charge bar.The capacity of the Powder Hopper is 1 lb. of your favorite powder.The Shot System is also case activated. Again, no hull at a time no shot and best of all, no spillage. You never need to continually turn the shot measure "ON" or "OFF". The shot system is easily drained. Merely attach the drain tube below the shot measure. Shift the Shot Measure to "EMPTY". Shot then falls back in the shot bag or container.It's that quick and simple, plus no lead shot on the floor!
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This is a steal. Too bad I just bought a sizemaster.

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