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This RCBS AR Tactical Reloading Kit is an EXCLUSIVE to Natchez Shooters Supplies. Get everything you need to make your favorite AR loads. Function and accuracy are the trademark qualities of RCBS products. Save with this packaged deal today!
Kit Includes:
- RS5 Press (Reloader Special-5 Press)
- Case Slick Spray Lube
- Uniflow Powder Measure
- Stainless Steel Dial Caliper
- Primer Pocket Swager - Bench Tool
- Universal Hand Priming Tool
- Shell Holders; #3, #10, #32
- Model 5-0-5 mechanical scale
- Powder Funnel
- Two Universal Case Loading Blocks
- AR Series Dies; 5.56/.223, .308/7.62, .300 AAC Blackout, 7.62x39
MPN#: RC9047
UPC#: 076683090478

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I didn't read the description so fire away. Just buy the Rock Chucker Supreme kit. Its $75-$100 cheaper and not trying to capitalize on the tactical shit philosophy.

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