Happy New Year! Take 20% off w/ code: 2019 - Free shipping on All Orders! - - Introducing the Radian Raptor-LT. Utilizing the same patented ambidextrous functionality as its predecessor, the Raptor-LT handles are machined from 7075 aluminum, MILSPEC Type III hard anodized, then over-molded with high-strength, fiberglass reinforced polymer for the ultimate combination of strength, weight, and durability. Compatible with AR15/M16 pattern rifles, the Raptor-LT is available in black, flat dark earth, and grey, all designed to match standard Magpul® color offerings. Like all Radian products, the Raptor-LT comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA. \

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I need one of these

So I have a real one of these and an $8 Chinese knockoff I got from ebay. Both have been on my rifles for over a year and each have seen over 2,000 rounds. To me, there has been no difference in function or wear. Is there a particular reason that warrants such a higher price? Genuinely curious.

I wonder the same thing, from an engineering and materials standpoint they seem identical. There isn't much to them.

How about some discount love for the AR10 version?

How is this a good deal?

because when you count in the free shipping from Sunny State Outdoors it's $5-$9 cheaper than anywhere else.

That was 4 months ago when it was $58 after code.

Update. I got response from Facebook and sunny state informed me of what was going on said it would be another week or two. Then they offered me an upgrade to regular charging handle instead of LT that I ordered. I gladly took the upgrade and later got a message that it was sent out this afternoon. So at the moment I'm just happy I got a response and a solution. Even tho it took a minute.

as much as i wanted to like this company i should have read comments here first. I ordered a raptor charging handle on 4/18. I did know it was back ordered and it was suppose to be 2 weeks. Long story short i was told via email shipment would not be in until 5/30. Now i have sent several emails asking for an update and have even asked for a refund and i cant get a response at all and its 6/10. On top of that apparently this place has no phone number on website. I find this very aggravating and a lil suspect. Just my 2 cents. stay clear!!

Hi Keysersoze, Glad we could get this taken care of, sorry for the delays on that last backorder. We appreciate your business, thanks again for the order.

In stock, ready to ship.

I just saw that it's back ordered and will ship 5/31/18.

Hi kdegeorge, black and tungsten grey versions are currently in stock and ready to ship.

Placed an order 3 weeks ago, can’t get a response from anyone at their email address.

Hi jherman08, I found your email and I just got back to you with some options on the backorder. Really sorry we didn't get back to you quicker on this. We kicked back a few bucks for the delay. Thanks for the order.


They aren't fast shippers might not be worth saving the extra money.

Hi, The black and tungsten grey are in stock, ready to ship out quick, the FDE are backordered a couple weeks. Sorry if you had slow shipping with an order in the past, we're usually pretty quick and we're trying eliminate the few instances where we aren't. Drop us an email if we haven't already made it right. Thanks for your order.

I've had my issues with Sunny State but shipping has always been prompt. I just goes to show that YMMV.

I just ordered one and got it within a week. Looks like a quality product and is just as nice as my other Raptor. Solid price from Sunny State Outdoors with quick shipping...can’t beat it.

I’m all about American made products but these guys have priced themselves out of the market. Go buy a Chinese one on fleabay for $29 shipped and engraved made from the same aluminum. Primary arms is selling American made stainless fluted 16” barrels right now for $49, think about that before you say “oh but they cost so much to make” no they are too proud of their product. Any economist can tell you this leaves them open to competitors. I don’t feel sorry for the copies

Sunny State is cheap relative to the Raptor's MSRP. I'm not even sure how Sunny State is able to sell them at this price. I haven't been dealing Raptor charging handles since the company was AXTS, but this is below what my dealer cost was... makes me wonder...

In stock and ready to ship. Code works for all Raptor versions and Radian BCGs.

aimsurplus has this for $45.56 shipped using Shot18

Just ordered one in FDE. Starting my AR 15 build and looking forward to this product.

I have one sitting here waiting for a coulpe more parts to put the upper together. I actually think I like it a little more than the regular raptor, it seems a little more "grippy" (like your finger is less likely to slip off) and I like the color on the "wings" better (I got the grey one). Basically, instead of having to CNC the handles from solid aluminum blocks, they can cut them out of a flat piece of material, which leaves the latch the same thickness/quality, but the wings are essentially about 20% of the normal height, then the build the height back up by encapsulating the wings in what is probably glass filled nylon. No risk of failure and they are as durable, or possibly more so than the originals.

I use a small piece of Talongrip tape on the inner pull area of every Raptor I own. I find it easier to manipulate the charging handle with a little bit of grippiness to it.

Talongrip tape is the best option for this, as it's resistant to solvents, is thin and stays affixed better than any other rubber grip tape I've used.

If your a LEO, military of a vet, Talongrip will give you a decent discount which is always appreciated.

What's the main difference between the LT and the regular Raptor CHs?

It's made with some polymer that's why it's cheaper. The regular one is all aluminum.

Better discount if you enter Raptor20. Comes out to $51.99

Like .10cpr 22lr, I never understood the hype. So many other worthwhile things I can could spend $55 on.

It's about $40 less than the Geisselle version, so: bargain. And it addresses the major flaw of the stock AR charging handle, in that it's ambi while the stock part is not.

FYI this code works for all Radian Raptor CHs. Just bought 2 of the non-LT

Only black left in stock

Got my NP3 version here. Great place !!
But I should've gotten the black one...

got mine a couple days after placing my order, as always, speedy shipping from sunny state
this raptor CH is different then any of my other raptor CH's, the handles of this raptor-lt are poly on an aluminum spine as stated in description and according to paperwork that came in package, and levers are a closed design just like the photo
bambi kill permit ended a day or 2 before it arrived in September, so I haven't had a chance to test it under my real world conditions yet
I will up date if this version doesn't perform at least as well the known raptor CH's I have...

UPDATE: as expected it worked fine during regular deer season thru the 1/2 dz hooved demons that i'm allowed but that only equals 1 night on kill permit, I will say that I did notice that raptor-LT didn't get cold as quickly as my standard raptors with open lever design

Just bought NP3 coated, best price ever.....thanks

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