PTR Industries has released the PTR 9CT pistol firing the popular 9mm cartridge. Proven roller delayed blowback operating system pistol is a new high quality addition to the PTR family of firearms. The PTR 9CT is packed with features like an aluminum Mlok hand guard and precision welded optic rail with traditional sights included. The barrel is nitride treated 8.86" sporting 3 lug, threaded Barrel 1/2x28 so you can mount your favorite muzzle device or supressor. The 9CT comes with both traditional push button and paddle style magazine release for quick & comfortable mag changes . The pistols are US made so if you want to SBR the pistol you will not need to add any expensive 922r parts . The PTR 9 series of pistols are built with a full auto bolt carrier and ready to Rock N Roll with a NFA Full Auto sear pack! Add one of the popular SB Tactical Pistol braces or a MP5 type stock to increase comfort & accuracy. The pistol is topped off with a great range package and ships in a heavy duty custom fitted hard case with bungee sling, (x2) 30 round magazines, and sight adjustment tool. All backed up by the PTR warranty & customer service.

Caliber: 9x19mm
Operating system: roller delayed blowback
Semi Auto Action but is NFA Sear pack ready
Barrel: 8.86", 3 Lug, Threaded Barrel 1/2x28, Nitride Treated for long life
Twist Rate: 1/10
Length: 17.6"
Weight: 5.05lbs
Trigger Pull: 9-10 Lbs
Handguard: Aluminum Mlok
Picatinny Optic Rail
End Cap Black Polymer with Sling Swivel
Original Paddle Style and Push Button Mag Release
Magazine: 30 Round accepts standard Milspec MP5 Magazine

Price compare for 897903003159 - PTR 91 Inc 9CT Pistol 9mm 8.86in 30rd FDE Cerakote PTR 602

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So... if its full-auto ready, how much do I have to pay the NRA to convert to full auto? (Legally)

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You can pay the NRA as much as you want but they can't do anything for you, actually the reason we have gun control in this country is because of them. If you mean the NFA, and thanks to the GCA of 86, there are only a set amount of civilian registered sears. Going price seems to be about $30,000. Plus the $200 tax stamp.

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Typo, yes, NFA. Thanks for your response. So all I need is a cool 30k and likely an assload of paperwork and I too can be ready to “Rock N Rock”? Great.

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**and a $200 tax stamp. Can’t forget that.

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