PTAC 16" M4 Melonite SS12G2 5.56mm 1:9 Carbine Length - without BCG & Charging Handle - $299.99 + Free Shipping

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SKU: 39702
Barrel Length: 16"
Caliber: 5.56 NATO
Twist: 1 in 9"
M4 Profile Barrel
Melonite Finish
.750" Gas Block Diameter
M4 Feedramps
Forged M4 Upper
Midwest Industries SS12G2 Rail
Does not include BCG or Charging Handle.
Upper is expected to group within the mil-spec.

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
MPN: 39702
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does any1 know if this comes

does any1 know if this comes with extra rail sections?

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I ordered one of these uppers

I ordered one of these uppers not even realizing it was a ptac upper instead of a psa. It took a couple weeks to arrive after ordering like typical psa shipping. The upper fits great on my old sgw lower and worked great with the old bcg and charging handle as well. I took it to the range after topping it with a leupold vxii 6-18x40 scope and burris pepr mount. The rifle shoots sub moa with fmj ball, i didnt test anything else. For $300, shooting sub moa, what more can you ask for.

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This is what came in the box

This is what came in the box when I ordered the STD upper with BCG and Charging Handle for $289, guess it will do.

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i ordered the std upper as

i ordered the std upper as well and this is what i got. I called them back, waited 1hr for someone to get on the line. Emailed me a return label but they didnt add ups pick up from my house. If i want it picked up from my house, i have to pay for it. I thought about keeping it, basically you are changing out the 1x7 twist, front sight, bcg and charging handle for the 1x9 melonite with a 120$ handguard. With my NewFrontier complete poly lower for 109 shipped, i have a complete ar for 415$ including ffl transfer. I dont even like the midwest industries hand guards and i choose not to be forced into buying one.

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?????????? HUH???1000 or more

?????????? HUH???1000 or more rounds per month = 36,000 plus rounds through the barrel. Kinda think that would wear out any barrel. If you can afford 36,000 rounds of 5.56, you can afford the replacement barrel of your choice. IMHO! Oh, and all fellow Glock owners, beware! The lower is POLYMER!

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The life expectancy of a

The life expectancy of a non-chrome lined barrel isn't worth it for half the price. A guy brought me a gun from a very famous maker that had been "shot out" in less than 3 years. He had been shooting XM885 thorough it exclusively. About 100 rounds a month ( ~50rounds, two weeks a month, sometimes more in the summer) and the barrel was completely shot out with no rifling. The double chrome lined, CHF M249 barrels are what you want IMHO. Also don't buy guns with polymer uppers ( or lowers either on my part, but uppers for sure!) YMMV, IMHO!

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Melonite finish, that means

Melonite finish, that means the barrel not the aluminum receiver. It will last longer (surface hardness) and is more corrosion resistant than chrome plating.

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very interesting that they

very interesting that they had started to list the Ptac line as 3-4MOA and not some of the other complete uppers. Does any one know if there is a difference between these and the FN barreled ones? or the CHF ones?

On a side note: I wish they have more in stock and less wait time. The last order of a LPK took almost 2 weeks for something in stock.

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the deals from palmetto

the deals from palmetto aren't nearly as great as they were when palmetto was in a price war with spike's tactical. Other than the 40 buck blem uppers and optic packages the deals from palmetto aren't that great without free shipping.

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These non-chrome barrels are

These non-chrome barrels are junk compared to the FN barrels. The tooling is weak. They should have gone to Anderson for the non-chrome cheap barrels, they make okay barrels.

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without an fn barrel the ptac

without an fn barrel the ptac is just the same as any other cheap kit build offered by every tom dick and harry with a storefront. If you go to a different merchant you can get a better barrel for the price of ammo in 2 loaded 30 round magazines.

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anybody know about

anybody know about these?

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These are actually redxarms

These are actually redxarms uppers marked up. Good for the money. I've had 2 with no issues.

Redx sells these for 290 shipped.

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Havent heard any complaints

Havent heard any complaints nor have i heard anything good about them, they look nice but no bcg on most

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over priced

over priced

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They have the non rail

They have the non rail versions for 289 shipped...with bcg and ch.

I have 4 of the ptac uppers...not bad but not as nice of a finish as the fn style. I bought two 1:7 and two 1:9 on black friday special. ..about the same price now with free shipping. You can build a 450 ar with can it be bad if it goes bang?

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