PSA 16" Mid Stainless 5.56 NATO 1/7 SS12G2 Premium - Without BCG or Charging Handle - $299.99 + Free Shipping

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Barrel: 16", 416 Stainless, Modified A2 profile. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, with a 1/7 twist, M4 barrel extension, and a mid-length gas system. Barrel is finished off with a Midwest Industries SS12G2 12" free-float rail, low-profile gas block and an A2 flash hider.
Upper: Forged 7075-T6 Flat top AR upper is hard coat anodized black for durability. Featuring M4 feedramp cuts, T-marks, these upper upper receivers are made for us right here in the USA.

Each upper is assembled to order with US-made parts, and test fired to check gas function. Does not include bolt carrier group or charging handle.
*Please allow at least 15 business days for your complete assembled upper to ship from our facility. Holiday, special sale, and and political pandemonium lead times can be longer*

Shipping labels may be created shortly after orders are placed. Shipping labels update when the product leaves our facility and are en route to their destination. You will be emailed tracking information when the order leaves our facility, however if you receive one shortly after you place your order and it remains dormant, don’t be alarmed. Your tracking information will be updated when it leaves our facility and is still subject to the aforementioned lead time. If your tracking number goes beyond the listed lead time please get in contact with us via email or phone and we will look into your issue.
Signature required on delivery.

16" Barrel length
416 Stainless steel barrel
5.56 NATO Chamber
1 in 7" twist rate
M4 Feed ramps
MI SS12G2 free-float Rail
A2 Flash Hider
Forged upper receiver
Does not include BCG or Charging Handle
SKU: 41886

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
Brand: PSA
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Avoid lightweight or thin

Avoid lightweight or thin profile stainless steel barrels. This recommendation is echoed from multiple barrel manufactures due to the potential issues with temper embrittlement in martensitic stainless steels. The thicker walls of a medium, heavy, or bull profile barrel will strengthen the barrel and make up for the shortcomings of 400-series stainless steels as a barrel steel.
Avoid standard 416 stainless steel barrels. 410 and 416R stainless steels both have a lower sulfur content, making them less prone to developing sulphide stringers which may result in catastrophic barrel failure.
If the rifle will never see freezing temperatures, 410 stainless steel will likely be your best option. 410 stainless steel has the lowest sulfur content of the three grades we discussed, and will be the least likely to develop sulphide stringers. Avoiding sub-zero temperatures and using a barrel of adequate thickness should also minimize the temper embrittlement issue.
If the rifle may see freezing temperatures, 416R stainless steel will likely be your best option. 416R stainless steel is rated for use at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and has a lower sulfur content than standard 416 stainless steel. However, you should still ensure the barrel is of adequate thickness.

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Also, consider a

Also, consider a melonited/nitrided stainless or even 4150 barrel. If properly done, it will be just as accurate and even more wear and corrosion resistant.

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Riddle me this: if SS barrels

Riddle me this: if SS barrels (and free-floating rails) are for accuracy, then why don't they stick with the theme and use a 1:9 twist and Wylde chamber? Likewise, all CHF barrels should be 1:7 twist for the 5.56 NATO chamber. And if you want a short barrel, go to a larger caliber. Choose the right tool for the job.

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shipping is now $17, up from

shipping is now $17, up from $15

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Janizary, please let me know

Janizary, please let me know your range findings! Also you seem very knowlegable about ARs and such! Can you recommend some good AR tools such as punches and other necessities! I just bought a wheeler set and they are junk!

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Sorry, didn't see your

Sorry, didn't see your comments until today.

Out of the box inspection showed no blems or obvious defects. Headspaced fine with the BCG intended for use in the upper.

Took to the range with the following: PSA (blem) lower assembled with PSA lower build kit, Chip McCormik Flat drop-in trigger pack (4.5# single stage). FailZero BCG and BravoCompany Mod4 CH. Magpul MBus front and rear 'irons'. EoTech XPS2-2 reflex.

Function tested fine, irons sighted without issue. Irons shot consistent out to 200 yards. EoTech sighted at 50 yards with no issues. Shot 100 yard, 200 yard, and 400 yard 1/3 size IPSC steel targets with consistent, repeatable hits. Fist-sized group at 100 yards with the EoTech (sorry, didn't test with magnified optics as this build is for my wife and she wanted the Eotech)

A bit heavier (and front heavier) than the FN BBL 410SS CHF light profile SSK railed upper.

For roll pin punches look at GRACE. Midway sells both the long and starter versions. About $30 a set:

I have beat the crap out of the long pin set and they do not bend and no issues with breakage. Don't go cheap on roll pin punches for your AR builds. You have to use some pretty thin ones and you hear lots of folks that picked up the UTG and other cheap sets spending extra money to get a new set.

Still not sure who is making these 416 barrels for PSA. Their 410SS CHF stainless BBLs are by FN.

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Ordered on the Mar-14;

Ordered on the Mar-14; shipped on April-1. Right on par with my other recent upper orders as far as shipping time. Due in late next week. Hope to get it to the range that weekend. Though PSA sometimes 'sits' on orders for a few days after the tracking slip is sent, so delivery may slip into the following week.

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Can anyone do a review on

Can anyone do a review on this deal.

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See my comments, further up.

See my comments, further up. Picked it up at $339. Now it is down to $309 (currently with free shipping).

Just ordered the 'Dissapator' (MOE Handguard version) today for $224. With the free shipping 40J sale these are pretty decent for the price.

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Doesn't "Premium" usually

Doesn't "Premium" usually mean it's an FN barrel with Palmetto? I don't see anything that says these are FN, and the other FN Stainless they do have are 410, not 416 steel.

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someone wake me up when these

someone wake me up when these come back into stock. I'm going to sell my other 16" PSA upper that looks like it was put together by gorillas and hope this one has a better finish.

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Angry Bill, I was raised by

Angry Bill, I was raised by gorillas and I take offense to your comment.

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life's a beach that way

life's a beach that way sometimes. I did sell on the gorilla handled 16" PSA upper and ordered one of these today. Hopefully it's in nicer condition.

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Out of stock. You snooze you

Out of stock. You snooze you lose. Darn

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Could not resist. Ended up

Could not resist. Ended up ordering one ( and lucky as it now looks like they are sold out). Thanks for posting the deal. My wallet does not thank you, however. ;)

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I couldn't resist $354

I couldn't resist $354 shipped, can't wait ;-)

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I couldn't either.

I couldn't either.

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I'm wondering how this

I'm wondering how this compares to this upper:

I'm also not sure on these stainless barrels. I'm not in a huge hurry, and I really want that upper I linked above, but if this is just as good or better, I may as well.

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Stainless best nitride

Stainless best
nitride better
crime lined good
standard ok

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I already have 2 of those and

I already have 2 of those and they are good quality. I hope this doesn't disappoint.

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Seems like a good deal. Not

Seems like a good deal. Not sure how strong 416 stainless steel vs others. Longevity?

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Thanks for posting the deal.

Thanks for posting the deal. I ended up picking one up (and luckily as it seems they are now out of stock). My wallet, however, does not thank you ;)

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I am very curious about the

I am very curious about the batch of 416 stainless barreled uppers that have been dropping on to PSA's site in the last month of so. I've purchased two previous CHF 410SS BBLs from PSA (a 20" HBar and a 16" LW) and been VERY pleased with both. FN sourced the BBLs for those, however, I am wondering who is sourcing the BBLs for the 416 BBLs. I am very temped to pick this up to try it out.

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