SKU 5655024879
Brand Palmetto State Armory
Model Number 5655024879
UPC 5655024879

Barrel Length: 4"
Gas System: Blowback
Barrel Profile: Heavy
Barrel Steel: 4150V Chrome Moly Steel
Barrel Finish: Nitride
Chrome Lining: None
Muzzle Thread: 1/2-36
Chamber: 9mm (9x19)
Twist Rate: 1 in 10"
Barrel Extension: Blowback
Diameter at Gas Block: N/A
Gas Block Type: N/A
Muzzle Device: PSA 9mm Fluted Flash Can
Receiver Material: Forged 7075 T6
Receiver Type: AR-V Slick Side Upper
Handguard Type: PSA 5" Lightweight M-Lok
Bolt Carrier Group Included: Yes
Bolt Steel: 8620
Bolt Carrier Profile: AR-V 9mm Bolt Carrier Group
Last Round Bolt Hold Open: Yes
Charging Handle Included: Yes
Lower Receiver: Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum
Receiver Finish: Hardcoat Anodized
Fire Control Group: Single-Stage, Enhanced Polished Trigger (EPT)
Grip: Magpul, Black
Buffer Tube: 7075 T6 Aluminum 
Adjustment: 5-Position
Pistol Brace: SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing Brace, Black
Magazine: PSA AK-V U9 35 Round 9x19mm Magazine, Black (Also compatible with CZ Scorpion Mags)

Barrel: 4" chrome moly steel barrel. Chambered in 9mm, (9x19), with a 1/10 twist. The barrel is nitride treated for durability and finished off with a Palmetto State Armory 5" Lightweight M-Lok free-float rail and a PSA Fluted Flash Can.
Upper: Forged 7075 T6 aluminum AR-V slick side upper is hard coat anodized black for durability.  These upper receivers are made for us right here in the USA.
Bolt Carrier Group: AR-V 9mm BCG.  Nitride treated 8620 steel bolt, with an enhanced firing pin and external 5.56 style extractor. The bolt carrier group is compatible with most aftermarket fire control groups. 
Lower:. Forged 7075 T6 aluminum and then hard coat anodized, these lowers are purpose built to accept AR-V U9 and CZ Scorpion Magazines.  The lower is assembled with a Palmetto State Armory MOE EPT SBA3 lower build kit with a Magpul Grip and SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing Brace.  This product features last round bolt hold open.    
UPC#: 005655024879

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PSA is not your friend.

0 votes
0 votes

I seen a guy at my local range with one of these telling people about his mp5 copy new 2020 gun owners please stop it and don’t pay this price you can buy a 556 pistol that does more for less

2 votes
0 votes

Why does this cost more than the New Frontier Armory C-5 PDW?

2 votes
0 votes

Now way... Id rather buy two Extar EP9's at this price. Or if I was more concerned about high end, I would spend a little more for a CZ scorpion.... this is a $650 -$700 gun at best.

6 votes
0 votes

They just need to make good on their mp5's and stop releasing these money grab guns

2 votes
0 votes

PSA has been out to gouge everyone since covid hit. they are now the cheaper than dirt fan bois

6 votes
0 votes

I just want the lower...

0 votes
0 votes

From what I have seen the lower will not work with just any upper, it needs their proprietary upper. Just a heads up.

1 vote
0 votes

Cool as crap but should this really cost more than a CZ Scorpion? PSA makes some decent budget guns but we also know their version 1's and 2's tend to have problems.

8 votes
0 votes

I agree but then again I bought an AK-V Gen 2 for around $900 pre pandemic price. I felt like the price maybe should have been lower for what you are getting considering that I could have purchased, at that time, a Glock mag compatible 9mm AR for $500 or $600.

2 votes
0 votes
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