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SKU: 5165450672
UPC: 5165450672
MFR#: 5165450672
Barrel Length: 20"
Gas System: Rifle-length
Barrel Profile: A2 Style
Barrel Steel: 416R
Barrel Finish: Stainless Steel
Chrome Lining: No
Muzzle Thread: 1/2-28
Chamber: 224 Valkyrie
Twist Rate: 1:6.5"
Barrel Extension: M4
Diameter at Gas Port: .750
Bolt Carrier Profile: Full-Auto
Bolt Steel: 9310, Nitride Coated
PSA 224 Valkyrie & BCG Combo Package: The PSA 224 Valkyrie barrel was created with a 416R Stainless Steel with a 1:6.5 twist rate for optimal accuracy over long distances.  Cycling reliability is achieved with a rifle length gas system.  The bolt carrier group is a full-auto profile, nitrided BCG with a 9310 bolt.  The side of the carrier has been marked with the PSA Cross Cannons logo and 224 Valkyrie.
SKU: 5165450672
UPC#: 005165450672

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I'm feeling a little "Snake Bit", over my purchase, but I'm also glad I didn't spend more. I got one of these a couple of weeks ago. After it arrived I did a detailed inspection, and everything appears to be perfect. Overall, for the price, I am impressed, but here is the kicker. For over a year I had delayed building a Valkyrie because review, after review stated the 1/7 twist would not stabilizing the heavier bullets, but this issue should be solved with 1/6.5 twist barrels. The next night after I placed my order, I came across a new review that stated their 1/6.5 twist barrel still didn't stabilize the heavier bullets. I called the next day to cancel my order, but it was to late. At this point I've invested only $200, which includes two boxes of 75gr American Eagle, and a 6.8/ 224 magazine. I'm going to set back the AP billet upper receiver, and the Diamond Head handguard I had planned to use, and do a spare parts build. If I'm not happy with the result, I'll shit can the barrel, and keep the BCG, and magazine, and do a 6.8 SPC build. In the end, the enjoyment I've experienced from my AR's far exceeds any frustration, or financial losses I will have suffered in this transaction.

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Basically, there's nothing wrong with the .224 Valkyrie round that can't by solved by making it .25cal! Still waiting for someone to wake up & smell the coffee and bring out a 25cal AR barrel at a reasonable price so I can roll my own...

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The price is nice, I would risk it for the biscuit if it were a rifle +2" gas length with the gas tube.

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