PSA 5.56 NATO 16" Stainless Mid-length MOE Freedom Carbine - $599.99

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Special Introductory pricing!
PSA is proud to announce the Freedom series of Rifles with this Mid-length Stainless MOE Carbine. The Freedom Series was created as a no-nonsense alternative for the value minded enthusiast.
Barrel: 416 Stainless steel. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, with a 1/9 twist, M4 barrel extension, and a mid-length gas system. Barrel is is finished off with a MOE handguard, F-Marked gas sight base, and A2 flash hider.
Upper: Forged 7075-T6 A3 AR upper is machined to MIL-SPECS and hard coat anodized. These uppers are made for us right here in the USA by a mil-spec manufacturer.
Bolt: Full-auto profile bolt carrier group. Milspec Carpenter No. 158® steel bolt, Shot Peened, High pressure tested, Mag particle inspected, Gas Key Hardened to USGI Specifications, Fastened with Grade 8 screws, and Staked Per Mil-Spec. 8620 steel M-16 profile carrier is chrome lined and phosphate coated.
Lower: These forged lowers are quality made using material is 7075-T6 and are marked "MULTI" for caliber. Finish is hardcoat annodized.. Mil-spec diameter 7075-T6 buffer tube is hardcoat anodized, has 6 adjustment positions, is fitted with a MOE Carbine Stock and MOE Grip. The fire control group is a PSA polished assembly.
Ready for your optic, this rifle is an ergonomic package that shoots well and looks good. Comes with a 30 round magazine where allowed by law. Please consult your local laws before ordering.
Please allow up to 15 business days for your rifle to be built and to ship from our facility. Holiday and special sale lead times can be longer* If your order goes beyond the listed lead time please get in contact with us via email and we will look into your issue.
Rifles must be shipped to a valid, current Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). Please have the shipping address of your preferred FFL before placing your order. You will need the FFL information to complete the order.
Signature required on delivery.

Please allow up to 15 business days to process your order.
16" Barrel Length
5.56 NATO Chamber
1 in 9" twist
416 Stainless Steel Barrel
MOE Furniture
Forged Upper & Lower

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
Brand: PSA
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Ordered one this morning,

Ordered one this morning, 5-8-2014. 10Off coupon worked in cart, then discount disappeared when I placed the order. Had to call and cancel. Offer expired 12pm eastern time today, 5-8-14.

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Huge competitor to M&P sport,

Huge competitor to M&P sport, Bushy, DPMS, delton type "lower end" carbines, and ORCs. if this had a 1:7 twist it would COMPLETELY blow the rest away for the price IMO.

With that said, one could build a chrome lined carbine from PSA for basically the same price during a sale.

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This is OK, but once you add

This is OK, but once you add a good hand guard and low gas block etc, you're adding another $200

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A 5.56 NATO will also shoot

A 5.56 NATO will also shoot 223 with out a problem also correct?

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Looks like a hell of a deal

Looks like a hell of a deal to me considering PSA's with normal non CHF barrels were(are) selling for $700 and that still isn't bad. Best value I've seen in awhile. You even get all Magpul MOE gear. Unless you are going free float hanguard, this is worth it. It may be still even if you are. However, I haven't read the reviews on this new barrel but mid-length 16" for this price looks great.

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When I saw this, I thought it

When I saw this, I thought it was the 1:8 wylde barrel that I got from PSA a couple years back, which to this date has been nothing but awesome (though a bit heavy for a 16").

I'm sure this one will probably be nice too, but compared to their most recent deals, this should have a free float hg, or piece the thing together by combining 2 of their current deals.

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Thanks for the good info

Thanks for the good info guys. I swear the whole 1:7 vs 1:9 vs 1:8 thing confuses me and makes me pause most the time. 55gr is easy to find and figure up to 69gr is good for my use. Anything longer for accuracy I would be looking into a SPR or different round anyway. My use is for the 5 yard to 200 for my 16" barreled ar 15's. My confusion is because yes I shoot targets but that's practice for two legged threats to property. I just want to use the most effective bullet for stopping threats if they ever occurred. For longer range or hunting I would use SPR or bolt action.

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exactly.. very true. Most

exactly.. very true. Most common cheap ammo is 62. Armalite and other references for 1-9 say up to 69. I have backordered 69gr bullets to test.. Been waiting for months. 62's work great though. 55's are perfect.

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Is this a good deal guys?

Is this a good deal guys? Seems decent but would prefer 1:8 or 1:7 twist. Any input?

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my 1-9 armalite out shoots my

my 1-9 armalite out shoots my psa 1-7 fn uppers with 55s. 1-8's are a better compromise. They can run as heavy a bullet as fits in AR mag well (77gr). 1-9 will get u up to 69gr. That is more than most will shoot. i reload so I keep uppers of all sorts in my safe depending on what round I feel like running (depends on distance and how rich I feel that day). 1-7 is overkill unless u plan on running single shots since heavier rounds needing 1-7 wont fit in mag. Some say they also over twist 55s but all I can say for sure my 1-9 armalite is awsome. Sorry dont know much about this particular rifle to give you a feel for value. Everything looks great but wish I knew who barrel maker was..

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Agreed. The 1:9 boogie man

Agreed. The 1:9 boogie man will not visit you by night and make your 5.56mm ammo suddenly useless and inaccurate. Up to 62-grain and you're GTG. Since most of us shoot 55gr or less, it's a non-issue.

Quote: "So what’s the answer? For most people, 1:9 is perfect. It will shoot the widest range of bullets, and will be especially good with the cheapest ammunition."

Read this article:

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