Ps Prod Ar15/M16 Clng Kit + FSSS* - $9.50

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PS Products ARGCK Cleaning Kit AR-15 11 Piece ARGCK Please note: This supplier will be closed on 11/24, 11/25, 12/26 for the holidays. The shipping cut off is UPS's cut off of 12/15 to try and have the products delivered by Christmas. Note: Please check your state regulations, hunting regulations, etc before placing an order with this supplier. Your order may be canceled if the item is not able to be shipped to your state due to their regulations.
Item model number: ARGCK

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Cleaning & Maintenance
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$9.04-$9 Flat Rate
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Do not trust Amazon. I have a

Do not trust Amazon. I have a credit card from that I never been used anywhere. It has only 4 transactions - 2 from Amazon and 2 from Amazon marketplace.

Recently this credit card got a fraudulent charge posted. No one knows this card number but me and Amazon as this card has never left my home and only been used for 4 amazon website transactions.

Either amazon has security issues or probably it passes the credit card details to actual sellers and those have issues.

Never gonna buy from them until I find out what happened.

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They don't need your info

They don't need your info anymore. They are using random numbers and put them on hotel room keys then see which ones work. I had it happen to me. Someone tried to use it in a cab in London. I was in the states. My cc contacted me and replaced my card within 24 hours.

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Hotel keys don't have Credit

Hotel keys don't have Credit Card numbers, that's an old internet hoax... I've worked for hotel chains, purchasing and things for them... never do keys have info other information other then the lock, some hotels did use name and days of stay. But not one use credit info.

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Not following. there is a

Not following. there is a bazillion combinations among first last name 16 digit number, cvv code and expiration date. Guessing is impossible. Brute force search will take million years to find one match considering payment gateway lets them do millions of blank auths.

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I have this kit. It's

I have this kit. It's actaully pretty decent for the price.

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