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Give your garden-variety 10/22 a cool facelift! This ProMagTM Archangel® Nomad Conversion Stock looks great, fits like a glove with no gunsmithing required and adds accessory rails for customization.

Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer construction for a lifetime of hard use
Drop-in fit, no gunsmithing required
Folding buttstock with recoil pad folds from 36.75" to 28.37"l. overall length
Aluminum-reinforced full-length Picatinny top rail
Handguard Picatinny rail
Includes sight, adjustable for windage and elevation
Aluminum hand stop with integrated sling mount
Aluminum flash hider fits all standard barrels
Dummy suppressor (fits 18.5" barrels)
2 storage compartments
Ultra light, just 3 lbs.
Includes 25-rd. magazine
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Key Specifications
Item Number: 228318
Construction: Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer with aluminum rails
Weight: 3 lbs.
Mfg. Number: AAM1022out giving up going to the range by converting your 10/22 into a more tactical looking rifle.

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Chumps that buy ProMag are spare parts, buds.

0 votes
0 votes

Great, now the “progressive” lefties will want to take our 10/22’s

1 vote
2 votes

Welcome to the gun debate

2 votes
0 votes

10/22 is a boomer gun

0 votes
3 votes


0 votes
0 votes

10/22 is an amazing gun with a million uses. Fuckin millennials....

7 votes
0 votes

It doesn’t amaze me but okay

0 votes
1 vote

I purchased this kit years ago. the fit is good but you have to take off the front sight to fit the flash hider. I could never get the magazine to work properly and the 10rd rotary mag is very difficult to get in and out.

6 votes
0 votes
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