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Bench Anchor in rigid tubular all-steel construction with butt plate guard to help eliminate recoil. Studded feet keep the shooting bench in place. Coarse and fine elevation adjustments in both the front and back. Built for both left- and right-handed shooters. The Primos Group Therapy Bench Anchor Experience is the ultimate shooting bench rest. Experience precision and comfort while you test your rifles accuracy. This adjustable shooting rifle rest keeps your rifle locked on target. The system virtually eliminates felt recoil to help maintain consistent shooting results from start to finish. There's no finer choice in portable shooting rests than the Primos Group Therapy Bench Anchor.
Model number#: 65452

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I ordered this last time it was on here, it is a very solid rest. I don't think you will find a better one for $50 anywhere. If you are not doing rest shooting on a daily basis, this one will fit the bill just fine.

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If you are wanting an adjustable rest and are planning on using it quite a bit, I would go with a nice Caldwell Leadsled instead of this one..

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