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MOE Bipod Black
Mfr Part: MAG1174BLK
The MOE Bipod is the latest and lightest bipod in the Magpul Bipod line. At 8oz, it weighs almost 40% less than some of their existing bipods, while still providing a dependable, stable platform to shoot from. Designed to mount to the popular Uncle Mike's Sling Swivel Stud, Magpul utilized the latest technology in injection molding to offer a bipod with a significant reduction in weight that retains the functionality, strength, and value found in our other bipods.
Attaching and detaching the MOE bipod is quick and easy with its rapid-attach sling stud mounting system. The self-locating, stainless-steel clasps ensure perfect alignment when mounting, and the large ergonomic thumbwheel allows for a strong grip and easy tightening. The non-marring, over-molded saddle was made to fit securely across a range of forend sizes, providing ideal load distribution without leaving a mark on your rifle. Adding an optional low-profile sling stud on the rear of the mount retains the ability to mount a sling to the forend of the rifle.
With its low stack height of 1.73” when folded, the MOE Bipod is a streamlined package that stays out of the way until needed. The legs stow neatly forward and deploy without buttons or levers, snapping down and locking into position. The legs extend from 7 to 10 inches and slide and lock securely with the push of a button on seven ½-inch spaced, locking detents.
Additionally, its staggered soft rubber feet hold fast on a variety of shooting surfaces. They’re easily removed with a roll pin punch should users choose to change feet, and legs accept most Atlas-pattern bipod replaceable feet.
- Made in the USA.
- Incredibly strong, injection-molded polymer legs
- Designed for streamlined storage until deployment
- 8oz weight and extremely low stack height of 1.73” folded
- Easily attached and detached with large center knob
- Optional Uncle Mike’s sling stud can be added to bipod rear for sling mounting
- Legs adjust in ½-inch increments from approximately 7 to 10 inches
- Easily deployed without buttons or levers and the legs lock in the down position
- Removeable non-slip rubber feet that include a hole pattern compatible with common aftermarket feet
UPC#: 840815137894
Mfr Part: MAG1174FDE

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Reviews are good other than the one redneck on Youtube who says it is wobbly when everyone else seems to like it. A typical review:

1 vote
1 vote

I've heard there's a lot of unwanted flex with these. Can anyone confirm?

0 votes
0 votes

It’s wobble, not flex. Magpul says it’s intentional to load the bipod, meaning press the legs forward into something. I shoot .223/22LR exclusively and never noticed it vs a Harris. Easier to deploy, a little lighter, less bulky. I also paid about $120 for the MLOK version, so this seems to be a steal.

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0 votes

No one can because to my knowledge no one even has them for *review* yet. =/

It's a $70 bipod made out of polymer, though - there's probably going to be some flex.

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0 votes

There are 2 different models but both are very similar. This is the newer, cheaper one. I believe it lacks the pan & tilt option like the $120 model has.

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0 votes

Search MOE bipod review.
It's completely plastic save for the fastening screws/bolts.
If looking in that price range just get a Harris, at least they are proven and made of the US if I'm not mistaken.
If looking for a good bipod get a Atlas or a GG&G, either make this thing look like the junk it is.

4 votes
1 vote

Have you used one or is that all wild speculation? I'm sure your opinion is the gold standard, but I believe in giving items a fair chance, and putting them through their paces. If they are proven to be garbage after that, I would completely agree. I have no brand loyalty. I'm loyal only to proven quality

1 vote
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I agree. Magpul is only known for quality for a while now, I suspect no less out of this.

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0 votes
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