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What makes this stripped lower different? The answer is simple… the KE Arms KP-15 stripped lower receiver is a monolithic polymer AR-15 style lower receiver made from injection molded, 30% glass-filled nylon. Its unique design incorporates the buffer tube, pistol grip, trigger and a 13-inch (LOP) buttstock into the receiver as integral components. The result is an affordably priced, lightweight lower receiver.
The KE Arms KP-15 stripped lower receiver uses a carbine buffer and spring. The take down and pivot pins have built-in detents, which increases durability by eliminating the spring and detent holes. The buffer detent (should you choose to use it) is held in place with a 5/64” roll pin. The hammer pin area is wider for durability; standard AR-15 hammer pins can still be used, though the KE Arms longer hammer pin is recommended for customers preferring a flush pin for aesthetic reasons.
The safety selector spring and detent have been designed to load from the top, then the selector is slid over them. (Standard selectors can work but removing them can be particularly difficult. KE Arms recommends the use of their designated mil-spec selector or ambi selector to make removal easier. Follow the manufacturer’s assembly guide for further instructions.)
- Compatible with all Mil-Spec fire control groups
- Compatible with cassette style match triggers
- Flared magwell
- Available in black and flat dark earth
- MLOK Slots at rear of stock for sling attachment
- Pre-drilled in front for QD socket inserts
- Uses a standard bolt catch. Cannot accept the PDQ lever. The PDQ lever is exclusive to the WWSD complete rifle.
The KE Arms KP-15 is compatible with standard AR-15 uppers in calibers including .223/5.56mm NATO, .300 Blackout, 6.5mm Grendel and 6.8mm SPC. The lower receiver is also compatible with 9mm blowback systems, when used with a minimum buffer weight of 5.4oz (carbine). Failure to use a minimum buffer weight of 5.4oz can damage the lower.
CERAKOTE: If you intend to Cerakote your KP-15 the manufacturer recommends the bake should be done at low temperatures (<190 Degrees F) and with an upper in place to prevent warping.
WARRANTY: The KE Arms KP-15 has a lifetime warranty for normal use. If the receiver breaks through misuse or neglect, KE Arms will replace it ONCE for $65.00.
NOTE: Not recommended for .458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf or .50 BMG. Please contact KE Arms if you intend to register your KP-15 lower receiver as an NFA weapon.
SKU#: 16101001


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Man I hate "Tupperware" in my rifles. Although there are many successful polymer pistols, i just dont have the same faith in high pressure and bigger caliber rifle. Thats simply my opinion and to each their own.

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All the bang happens in the upper receiver, the lower simply holds everything that doesn't go bang.

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If this was ONLY a poly lower, that might be true, but this kit also includes the buffer tube. People have reported issues with just poly lowers cracking where the buffer tube is held by the castle nut. That's kinda' "N/A" on this design, but the comments in several articles where people have noted that their lower cracked in other places would give me pause. I have never owned, nor tested, a poly lower - but I wouldn't personally trust my life to one based on feedback & issues I've read about.

Who knows though - this design may address those concerns.

The comments on this article have a few examples of people citing other types of failures:

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