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All Aero Precision upper receiver/handguard combo sets are on sale. Available in M-LOK and Keymod and in black or FDE. The M4E1 Enhanced are also available in Quadrail.

M4E1 Enhanced
M4E1 Threaded / Atlas S-ONE
M4E1 Threaded / Atlas R-ONE

M5E1 Enhanced
M5 Threaded / Atlas S-ONE
M5 Threaded / Atlas R-ONE

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Granite Ridge is a great retailer and this is a great price for this item. However, it is still a no-buy for me. I really want to like the new slimmer Atlas handguards by Aero Precision but the weight is still abnormally high compared to other options. Aero Precision did listen to feedback and offered this slim version handguard because their previous handguards were too large in diameter for most and also extremely heavy. Now they have resolved the diameter but the weight is too much. Aero Precision, if you are listening, please redesign your barrel nut to weigh less. Please take some more weight off of the handguard as well and you will have many more customers. I have many Aero receivers, have had good experience with their barrels, and think they are a good company making some great products but for my uses your handguards are way too stinking heavy.

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