Pre-Black Friday Sale Now Live @ Cabela's

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Pre-Black Friday Sale Now Live @ Cabela's Valid Nov 09 - Nov 22
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I might be nuts, but didn't I

I might be nuts, but didn't I see a Leupold VX-1 advertised in some sort of Cabelas pre-black friday ad for 80 bucks for 11/18? 80 bucks sticks in my mind, as does 11/18, so I'm sure I saw it somewhere, maybe here, probably a since corrected typo, but I can't find it in my web history and stuff like this drives me crazy when I try to find something I came across online and I can't find it.

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Yes, they will. They already

Yes, they will. They already are, as recently as last week.

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Will they fuck us on scopes

Will they fuck us on scopes like they have done for two consecutive years prior?

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I haven't bought any scopes

I haven't bought any scopes from Cabela's, but haven't had any issues with anything else I've bought from them. Do they mis-price scopes, but not other items, or what's special about scopes? Just poor inventory control so they take more orders than they can fill?

Edit: FWIW, the scope I ordered from Cabela's was fulfilled, not cancelled.

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98% of the time Cabela’s

98% of the time Cabela’s rocks. But around Black Friday they have a tendency to do both of which u asked (Mismark prices, aka the Nikon M223 debacle, etc, and inventory control problems on high demand products. Pretty sure we will be running on the 3rd or 4th consecutive year w/ Cabela’s pulling their glass stunt. It usually happens the day before or Thanksgiving day. If you see a sweet scope for a price that seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. It’s like blue balls, you think ur gonna hit it but u don’t.

PS., this is what great about; you can go back in product and chat comment history to see all the shit Cabela’s pulls. It’s always worth a shot for that Hail Mary pass on Cabela’s “to good to be true” inventory management systems. Plus working over ur local customer service store tends to pay off!!!

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Interesting... I ordered a


I ordered a discounted Vortex scope from the Bargain Cave on the 14th and they filled it with no funny business. I'm still waiting to see what happens with my $329 ($254 AR) pre black Friday EOtech 512.A65 deal order from the 18th. I'm not expecting any issues since I ordered within minutes of it going live and it didn't go out of stock for about 8 hours.

I'll keep your comments in mind in the next few days if I see a crazy deal on a scope there.

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I was checking out that

I was checking out that franchi intensity I didn’t know they were stamped by benelli

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