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Polymer80 – PF940SC Pistol Frame Kit
80% Subcompact Pistol Frame Kit – G26/G27
Polymer80 – PF940SC Pistol Frame Kit is everything you need to start your subcompact Size Glock 9mm (G26), .40 S&W (G27). The Polymer80 – PF940SC pistol frame kit includes the 80% sub-comact pistol frame, jig, and all tooling required to finish the frame using a drill press and XY cross-vise. Choose between Black, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Gray, Cobalt, and the awesome Blue Titanium. Features like the extended beaver tail, double undercut trigger guard, and a thumb ledge considerably enhance the ergonomics allowing for an effective grip and improved recoil mitigation.


The PF940SC™ is compatible with components for 3-pin 9mm G26 & .40S&W G27.
Next Generation Ergonomics and Features
High-Strength Reinforced Polymer Construction
Picatinny/STANAG Compliant Accessory Rail
Blank Serialization Plate
Stainless Steel Locking Block Rail System (LBRS™)
Stainless Steel Drop-In Rear Rail Module (RRM™)
Hardened Pins for LBRS™ and RRM™
Complete Finishing Jig, Drill bits and End Mill Included

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This system is a complete kit. There are no additional jigs and parts to purchase. Polymer80 Spectre system is a complete, all inclusive package including the jig, drill bits and the end mill required to finish your Glock project.

The Polymer80 – PF940SC pistol frame kit is an impressive kit featuring the extended beaver tail, flared mag-well, uniquely textured grip, and backed by Polymer80’s lifetime warranty.




Product Information
Manufacturer: Polymer80
Item #: PF940SC
Platform: Subcompact Glock 26/27
Color: Black | FDE | OD Green | Gray | Cobalt | Blue Titanium
MSRP: $160

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