POLYMER80 - 80% Pistol Frame V.1 (select all options to get advertised price) - $59.99 shipped after code "MAY"

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80% Pistol Frame V.1 Black
Cartridge: 357 SIG, 9 mm Luger, 40 S&W
Finish: Black
Height: 2.5
Length: 13
This product is compatible with Gen 3, 3-pin: 9mm Glock 17, 34, 17L. .40S&W Glock 22, 35, 24. 357SIG use .40S&W Slide Glock 31, 35, 24.
- 80% Polymer Pistol Frame
- Polymer Jig
- Drill Bits & End-Mill Bits Kit
- Locking Block

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Firearm Kits
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$69.99 damn these are getting

$69.99 damn these are getting cheaper and cheaper

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I'd guess they are clearing

I'd guess they are clearing out these V1 full-size models in preparation for a updated full-size with a drop-in rear metal rail like the newer compact version.

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need a glock 17 match grade

need a glock 17 match grade barrel for this ? $89.99 FREE SHIPPING
http://www.combatarmory.com/glock-17-new-stainless-steel-9mm-match-grade... FREE SHIPPING

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Is anyone else having trouble

Is anyone else having trouble with this "deal"? I've placed two orders and both have been canceled by brownells. Today I placed my order for the third time - we'll see if it actually ships!

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It takes a bit of work. But

It takes a bit of work. But if your like me and enjoy tinkering/troubleshooting than this is a good project.
I completed mine with a couple of hand tools, a dremel, and a hand drill.
The milling and putting it all together part was easy, the hard part was troubleshooting the issues to make it fully functional and reliable.
Some of the issues i ran into:

1. Slide not going fully into battery on its own - i learned that 95% of a glocks action happen at the very last portion of its cycle, to include: striker cocking, barrel locking, round stripping and chambering, ejector claw engagement.. all of these things add up to a force opposing the recoil spring. This caused the action to get hung up the very last 1/8th inch of travel until i manually pushed it forward. So to fix it i polished up most of the actions and installed a brand new OEM glock recoil spring... perfect.

2. Magazine ejection during fire - this was due to a couple reasons.. A. The design places the grip at a 1911 grip angle but maintains a glock mag release at the same angle. Basic geometry will tell you why thats wrong, not too big of an issue but it means it'll have a harder time engaging if things arnt perfect. B. Do not use the lonewolf mag release, get an oem glock one.. im sure it works for normal glocks but the locking tab is just slightly disporportioned enough to make it not work. C. I used cheap shitty mags.. use either glock originals or magpul, dont compromise on magazines.

3. The jig makes the holes for the pins too small - gotta start it in the jig for proper placement but then manually... carefully... enlarge them to fit the pins.

4. The action block wiggled - the dimensions where this goes in was a bit too large, causing the block to teeter on the rear pin, this may have also contributed to issue #1. I superglued a small cutout of an old credit card to the front of the block to eliminate the wiggle. Ghetto.. i know... but idk any other way to " add material"

5. The rear slide rails needed major fitting - this was only because i dont own a drill press and dremeling would be too risky. It took me about an hour of manual filing to fit these rails to the slide.

Once i got through these issues the gun runs flawlessly, im about 500 rounds in. Also i grip chopped it to accept glock 19 mags and and reshaped the grip to my liking.

Likebbi said.. took alot of work, but i enjoy this kind of stuff. Each his own i guess.

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Heh, I have a press and cross

Heh, I have a press and cross vise to mill the rear rails and still took almost 2 hours to final fit them between filing and end sanding. I admit to be fussy though ;)

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Trigger_Mortis's picture

Can anyone that has completed

Can anyone that has completed one of these answer the real question?

How hard is it and what is required in all to complete this bad boy successfully???

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The front 'rail' trim is easy

The front 'rail' trim is easy and can be done with a dremel, followed by fine file, then a block and 200 grit sandpaper.

The rear rails are the 'hardest' as it were. I did mine on my cheap harbor freight drill press and HF cross vise. Alignment and depth are key, better to take off too little than too much.

Once the rear rails are 'milled' out, use a fine flat file (small set from HF runs about $3). Spent just shy of 2 hours filing the proper depth and width of the rear rails (also have my reloading calipers to measure depth and width, but you could get by without them).

Using the slide and temporarily installing the locking block just kept checking fitment. Once that was done went back with 400 grit sandpaper around the flat file to finish it off.

Tapping the pins holes is as simple as a vise and a power drill.

If you can be patient and take your time, it is not an issue. Much quicker and simpler than doing an 80% AR lower.

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On a side note, Lone Wolf is

On a side note, Lone Wolf is discontinuing their stainless steel stripped slides. Might be something to think about before buying this. I just picked one up, hesitated on getting a LWD G22 slide, and now they are gone.

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AviatorGM Going the route of

AviatorGM Going the route of lone wolf for your slide and parts, you're looking at $550+. And that's with no magazines. It's more expensive by far but it's a fun project and it's nice to tell yourself that you have a pistol the govt doesn't know about (I'm sure your internet history and credit card info will let them know about this gun and any other)

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Cisco Certified You're not

Cisco Certified You're not correct. The proprietary locking block is steel. I've got 500+ 9mm rounds through mine. Haven't caught a slide to the face yet.

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Removed by user

Removed by user

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If one were to build this

If one were to build this (Glock 17 Clone) using relatively good parts (On par with Glock's, but with a metal guide rod... sights or magazine not included), how much would the end product end up costing?

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Has anyone done any

Has anyone done any significant testing on these? Just a bit concerned about the slide being catapulted into my face.

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Cisco Certified's picture

No steel frame inserts

No steel frame inserts holding the slide, proprietary plastic locking block that appears to be held on by two screws.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but I think this would make a good boat anchor.

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The locking block on the

The locking block on the Spectre is steel with steel rails (and is much larger than the Glock locking block).

OE pistols with poly rails:

Ruger P95 (rear rails)
Ruger P-97 (rear rails)
Ruger P345 (rear rails)
CZ100 and Rami Poly (full length poly on both I think)
Springfield XD (some models poly rear rails, not sure about all models)

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Midway's deal is a bit better

Midway's deal is a bit better at ~$108 shipped:


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not anymore free shipping

not anymore free shipping over $99.00 and teh black frame is $99.00 the others are $119.00

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Yeah, with Brownell's

Yeah, with Brownell's dropping their sale price from $119 to $99 they've got the deal now.

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