Polymer Coated Sport Bullets - 9mm, .40s&w/10mm, and .45 All In Stock - $87.36

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These bullets feature a tough polymer coating around the entire surface of the bullet, and you can choose from 8 different colors. The coating prevents leading, smoking, and works great in factory Glock barrels! These can be loaded up to maximum velocity using plated or jacketed load data.

Visit our online store at www.egglestonmunitions.com

1000 124gr. 9mm bullets for $87.36
1000 147gr. 9mm bullets for $102.08
1000 155gr. .40/10mm bullets for $108.52
1000 180gr. .40/10mm bullets for $116.80
1000 200gr. .45 bullets for $128.76
1000 230gr. .45 bullets for $139.80

These prices include shipping.

No minimum order necessary to receive the discount, order as little or as much as you like! Orders of 2000 or more bullets receive $5 flat rate shipping.

Use coupon code SLICKGUNS-14 for an 8% discount!

Category: Reloading
Caliber: Bullets
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I got mine in a couple days

I got mine in a couple days ago.
I ordered 200 grain projectiles. I weighted 10 of them, and they varied from 198.8 to 201.2.
That seems like a reasonable variance for accuracy.
I'm new to this, so is this acceptable?
Am I thinking into it too much?

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Ordered 1k rounds in 4

Ordered 1k rounds in 4 different colors:

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blue bullets blackandblue and

blue bullets blackandblue and bayeu bullets is all cheaper.

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Can you mix n match colors

Can you mix n match colors for these bullets?

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Mateoest, each bag you order

Mateoest, each bag you order can be a different color, even if every bag is of the same kind of bullet.

To do this you will need to select the first color you want, add 1 item to your shopping bag, select the next color you want, add 1 item to your shopping bag, etc.

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Are you can cast or buy cheap cast and coat them yourself
Or you can go real cheap and use the polymer powder coat from harbor freight or powder by the pound.

I want to see some real deals on these fellas if your gonna post them on here.

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After the coupon, it was

After the coupon, it was $79/1K for 124gr. Very reasonable and a cool concept. We'll see how accurate they are now....

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Will the color come off in a

Will the color come off in a tumbler? I tumble my live rounds to remove case lube, etc.

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Use a carbide die. No lube

Use a carbide die. No lube needed. I would also never tumble live rounds, period. Just my 2 cents. Tumble before you load, no media stuck in the flash hole.

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Hi asu174, the colored

Hi asu174, the colored coating will stay intact, but it can get pretty dirty. I've done this myself with good results, I just had to make sure to use clean tumbling media, otherwise the brass comes out looking shiny, but the bullets come out looking dark and dirty. I quick wipe of the bullets with a moist cloth fixes that if it does happen.

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Awesome. I ordered 2K. I

Awesome. I ordered 2K. I think you have really found a niche with this product. It's a good crossover between plated and lead rounds at a reasonable price. I can color code the various loads I am using, although I only ordered metallic blue.

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I don't understand... on the

I don't understand... on the website they're sold per 250ct. bag @ $36 ea. So is this for two bags (i.e. 500 ct.)?

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My mistake, thanks for

My mistake, thanks for pointing this out. I've just edited the post, the listed price should be for 500 bullets shipped with the coupon code.

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Does this coating leave any

Does this coating leave any residue in the barrel? I.e does it clean easily?

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The coating is self

The coating is self lubricating and will leave no residue, generally the only fouling left in the bore is from the powder. A single pass with a brush or patch should leave the bore looking good, they are similar to a plated or jacketed bullet in this regard.

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what i want to know do the

what i want to know do the bullets come in magpull fde.

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Hi Cecil, we're currently

Hi Cecil, we're currently working on some more colors including FDE. Recently we added a matte OD green to our line-up, I'll make sure to let you know once FDE is ready to go!

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