Polymer 80% Lower Jig and Drill Bits - $75

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New polymer, 80 percent G150 AR15 lower receivers are made from the finest materials that guarantee top notch quality AND durability not found in aluminum lower receivers.

Life time warranty.

Take advantage of this limited time offer $25 off.

Full rifle kits available at


$75 15 left on this sale regular msrp $100

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
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I got one of these about 6

I got one of these about 6 months ago. I paid $50 for just the lower no jig or bits. My son and I have put around 1500 rds thru the psa upper I put on it it fits tight no wobble at all. I milled the lower out with a dremal type tool it took me about 3 hrs to get it right. I like it no problems so far. I would buy again. The jig would of helped should be faster than free handing it but I got a better lower parts fitting by not useing the jig by fitting the part to tight take a little off try the part take a little off so on and so forth. If polymer80 is reading this offer me 2 of these for $100 I would take them. brick196@gmail.com

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I'd be in for a couple at 50

I'd be in for a couple at 50 a piece as well

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Sad but with how everything

Sad but with how everything is going it would be nice if they have a letter of determination along with the lower/jig. I was watching this company when they first announced that they were making one. Thought about I but never got around to it.

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Where is the best place to

Where is the best place to buy 80% lowers both plastic and aluminum?

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google search quick

google search quick list
http://Daytonatactical.com $75.00
http://tacticalmachining.com $80.00
http://aresarmor.com $80.00

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Are jigs useable on other

Are jigs useable on other companies' 80% lowers too or are they specific to only this lower? Jig material?

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The Poly80 jigs are designed

The Poly80 jigs are designed to be one-time use. I can't speak for whether they will work with other 80% poly lowers.

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ARES Arms was just raided by

ARES Arms was just raided by ATF to get a copy of their sales list of similar 80% lowers, despite these not being classified as a firearm per ATF regs.

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There's a lot more to what

There's a lot more to what happened at Ares than your reference.

To say they got raided just to get the 5000 names according to the published facts would be false. Time will tell the rest of the Ares story.

Ares Armor had an idiot proof colored cut out polymer 80% lower that the ATF felt exceeded the 80% standards, the ATF wanted to track down all 5000 of them. I think Ares Armor got shafted as these colored cutout lowers were idiot proof and in my opinion it made the product safer. I say this because there are a lot of people without the skills to make one. That could end badly. So any design that makes it easier and safer, should make it a welcome product.

Sadly, most of the info in regard to the ATF and the judge that allowed the raid despite the stay is not public, so we'll see where this goes, but to say they got raided just to get a list of people with 80% lowers is for the most part, incorrect, unless your one of the 5000 people that purchased this Ares lower.

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So, I'm right (about the 5000

So, I'm right (about the 5000 people), until I'm not? Color coding means NOTHING about completion. And make no mistake...BATF wants the 80% receivers to be regulated as firearms. They snagged those names to track those 5000 people and would do more, if they could have gotten away with it.

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I can't believe this is still

I can't believe this is still legal but I'm glad it is. So easy to make mass numbers of untraceable lowers. Between the lowers being made of poly and people going at them with drill bits, every one shipped probably won't become useable or usable for long anyway.

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guns80 is listed as a dealer

guns80 is listed as a dealer on their official website

*edited previous post

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