After two years of planning, design, engineering, and testing, we're proud to introduce the industry's first reinforced polymer receiver designed for the DPMS styled .308 in an 80% format. A jig and all drill bits are included in this package.

Industrial strength, finest reinforced polymer material....nothing held back.
Feel the difference the second you pick it up.
Rock solid frame, injection molded from a fully automated system that was two years in the making.
WarrHogg Design Features:

Unique reinforced polymer design with solid core design
ATF compliant design
Beefed up buffer tube ring and ribbing across the entire upper surface area
No-thread design on pistol grip area
Stiffened magwell, ultra-light design
Each P80-308 kit includes:

1x W308 lower receiver
1x 3/8" pistol grip nut
1x 1.5" pistol grip screw
1x WarrHogg J100 .308 jig
1x 7/16" End-Mill bit w/ laser-etched dept mark
1x 3/8" Safety selector switch hole drill bit
1x 5/32" Pin hole drill bit for triggers & hammers
1x 5/16" Trigger hole drill bit
1x TG100 trigger guide
Start your new .308 rife project with a WarrHogg right now. Is it legal? Yes! The .308 unit is well within the defined parameters of a "receiver blank" defined by the ATF and therefore has not yet reached a stage of manufacture that meets the definition of firearm frame or receiver found in the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA).

Rifle Ideas:

Add an ultra-light .308 rifle to your armory
Superior accuracy varmint or hunting rifle
Hydrodip the receiver to customize
Competition rifle
Build a zombie gun, just in case
Prepper rifle build and stow with food

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$95 not $65.
Did anyone actually get it for $65 or has it been a typo all along?

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Looks like price is back up to $95. Too bad, I had just decided to pick it up to try out. :(

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0 votes

Are these worth a flip, or do they crack around the buffer tube

0 votes
0 votes

Will my 80% arms gen 2 jig fit this lower?? It does lr.308

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0 votes

This comes with its own proprietary jig included.

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0 votes
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