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This is one cool cat .

Original Polish PPS-43C in a semi-auto version. 7.62x25 caliber, considered a pistol due to overall length. Comes with two 35 round mags. The PPS-43C (Pistolet-Pulemet Sudaeva, model of 1943 = Sudaev SMG) was born as an answer to the need for a firearm that is more compact and mobile than the PPSh-41, then in use by the Soviet Army. The PPSh-41 was somewhat too long to be used by tank crews and mobile recon groups and paratroopers, so late in 1941, the Red Army issued a request for a new more compact sub machine gun (SMG). The designer Sudaev initially designed his new SMG in 1942, and it was adopted under the designation of PPS-42. The next year he refined the design, and this final model was designated as the PPS-43. This model was manufactured in significant numbers (nearly two million PPS-43 weapons were manufactured between 1943 and 1946). The PPS-43 is sometimes referred to as the best SMG of World War II. After WWII, it was widely exported to pro-Soviet regimes around the world, and widely copied.

Pioneer Arms has redesigned this historic firearm and has reconfigured it to fire from a closed bolt ( Semi-Auto ) position. The safety is located at the front of the trigger guard. The receiver and barrel shroud are made from stamped steel. The rear sight is an L-shaped flip type and is marked for 100 and 200 meters, the front sight is a fixed blade type. The barrel is equipped with a simple muzzle brake. This firearm is an ATF approved pistol. The stock has no function and is permanently fixed in its folded position.

This pistol is manufactured at the famed Radom Plant in Poland by Pioneer Arms. All parts and components are Polish made. The PPS43-C pistol comes with 2 curved box magazine which holds up to 35 rounds each.

Model: PPS43-C
Type: Semi-auto sporting pistol
Weight: 6.7 lb. empty; 8.1 lb. loaded with 35rd magazine
Overall length: 24.2"
Barrel length: 9.8"
Cartridge: 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Action: Closed bolt, semi-auto
Muzzle velocity: Approximately 1,640 ft/s
Effective range: 100m
Maximum range: 200m
Feed system: 35rd detachable box magazine - (2) included
Sights: Flip rear sight; fixed blade front sight

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3 shots and it fell apart. Not worth any $$$$$

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So... I want to like this gun but its so unique I know NOTHING... Can someone convince me to buy this gun? Or convince me against.. Help me out boys

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