This surplus 7.62x54R ammunition comes in a sealed spam can. If you purchase two cans, they will come in a crate with a spam can opener.

SKU: 5165493406
MFR#: P54R
Caliber: 7.62x54R
Bullet Weight: 147 Grain
Bullet Type: FMJ LPS (Light Steel Core – Silver Tip)
Casing: Steel Cased
Primer: Berdan Primed
Corrosive: Yes
Country of Manufacture: Poland
Qty in Spam Can: 440rds (Packs of 20)
Case Quantity: 2 Spam Cans (880rds)


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What a joke. Talk about gouging the consumer. Is the supply that dried up?

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Plus $40 shipping (if you get the crate)... the nostalgia thing is nice, but for .50 cents per round of corrosive ammo, you’re better off getting modern Wolf or something with free shipping for less

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Sounds about right and I got quit a few. People didn’t realize that those were surplus, once it’s out, it’s out!

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Glad I bought my case a few years ago at half that price? What I pay 80 bucks a can? And I thought that was expensive.. I'll never open that unless I have too..

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I paid 120 for 2 cans in a wooden crate. Still have them. Glad i bought them when i did. and this was when cabelas has the 91/30's for 59.99.

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