Kentucky State Police Trade in Glock 35 Gen4 40 S&W with Glock Factory Night Sights. Pistols come with factory box, factory night sights and 15rd magazine. Majority will come with additional backstraps. Pistols are in very good to excellent condition. Only wear present on most of these pistols is on the top of the slide. All of these pistols will feature the KSP logo laser etched on top of the slide in front of the rear sight.

This is a used Pistol

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Only one magazine?

This item decommissioned?

KSP is trading there 40 cal in for 9mm. cheeper ammo and the state is trying every way it can to save money. yes i am from ky. army and fbi is doing the same. trying to say its about 9mm being better. but really its about the price of the ammo.

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