Police Trade-in BERETTA PX4 STORM 40S&W Night Sights 2x 14rd Mags DAO - $299.00 shipped (Free S/H on Firearms)

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These are police trade-ins that are in good mechanical condition. These guns have been carried and do show some holster wear. They come with 2 magazines. The nights sights do glow.

This is a great deal on a well built, reliable firearm that sells for over $500.00 new.

As always Buds guarantees the functionality of our used firearms. ­ ­­

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 40 S&W
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Received the 40 cal Beretta

Received the 40 cal Beretta x4 storm .. v good condition...although nite sites are completely dead and did not receive the plastic box as advertised either. I see in the comments that I was not the only one. Will Buds be making this right or no? Thanks much.
Steve in NH

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Weapons not bad good

Weapons not bad good condition . Night sites are useless gone bad.
Ad says plastic box comes with the gun NO box....
shoots well but one jam with 2 clips. buds needs to start paying attention
more . I was going to buy two..but not without the sights glowing

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I bought one of these from

I bought one of these from Buds and mine is in sweet condition. Mine came with the Trijicon night sights and two 14 round magazines. The pistol shoots well my only complaint is that one of the magazines has the problem of the floor plate moving when the gun is fired. Beretta USA has designed a locking spring retainer/base retainer in fact my other mag has it installed. Beretta, Brownell's and several other folks who advertise as Beretta Armorers either state they do not have them or that they are not available. I called BUSA customer service and they told me to buy a new magazine! Their poor design and they want me to buy another... I asked if they could guarantee the one I buy would have the locking retainer and they could not say yes or no...The fix is to buy the magazine base extension that adds one round and it locks using the original spring retainer. I love the gun, the accuracy is excellent, the true double action allows a second strike if need be and the night sights are a nice bonus. The take down is even easier than a Glock ... by the way my particular pistol was made in 2008 :>)

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VIP restrictions removed

VIP restrictions removed

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For $95 more you can have a

For $95 more you can have a new Type G (DA/SA) from Grabagun.com and you don't have to be a Bud's VIP member. Just something to think about.

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new ones don't include night

new ones don't include night sights

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Night sights are only good

Night sights are only good for a few years. Who knows how old these guns are or if the night sights are weak or not working at all? It is your choice but my opinion is this isn't a great deal..

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Gunbuyer has Type G for $380

Gunbuyer has Type G for $380 shipped http://gunbuyer.com/ber-jxf4g21-px4-g-type-40sw.html

what is the difference between G and D Type?

From wikipedia:

Type F: Single and double-action. Decocker. Manual safety.
Type C: Single-action-only ("Constant Action"). Spurless hammer. No decocker. No safety.
Type D: Double-action-only. Spurless hammer. No decocker. No safety.
Type G: Single and double-action. Decocker. No manual safety.

How can G type be single and double action without a hammer? I thought Type C (constant action) is their version of a striker fired pistol.

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"How can G type be single and

"How can G type be single and double action without a hammer? I thought Type C (constant action) is their version of a striker fired pistol."

Type G has a hammer. It fires the first round double action and the rest single action. It will fire the first round single action if you cock the hammer first.

The C kinda acts like a striker fired pistol but the pull is longer according to what I have read.

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Bud's VIP crap. Please

Bud's VIP crap.

Please repost if it becomes available to us plain folk.
Seems like a great deal.

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I don't see these as great

I don't see these as great deals so I bet it becomes available. I think the VIP deal is a rip off but it does give you first crack at something you might want.

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Seems like that they sold 7

Seems like that they sold 7 of them today. It's just like with any other used gun at Bud's, when it first gets listed it is always VIP, i'm sure it will be available soon without the membership.

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their cart shows more than

their cart shows more than 529 in stock, I don't see why would it be reserved for VIP members only...

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