Police Gift Bundle, Support Law Enforcement with Tactical Pen with Window Breaker+Thin Blue Line Paracord Survival - $29.99

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This bundle will impress any Law Enforcement Professional because of its great tactical usefulness.First, this tactical pen will increase the safety of any police officer while on duty. The pen can be use during physical encounters as a self-defense weapon. Apply it in any pressure points for more control on the suspect or break windows with ease. The strong aluminum body plus the ergonomic built will provide a strong pen for on duty use without adding weight to the officer's heavy gear. The Tactical Pen also gives you the ability to write great notes during investigations. The pen's ink delivers smooth writing every day! The pen alone will not do the job without a great notepad. The three pack, All-Weather notepad provides 50 strong tear-out sheets per notepad. 150 (Size 5"x3") Waterproof pages works great while working those traffic collisions or crime scenes in the rain, mud or dirty outdoors. The Top-O-Spiral binding will keep all your notes in place without falling apart. The hard plastic cover protects the notepad from further damage while placing it in and out your uniform pocket. What a great way to show your support and have a usable tactical item with the Thin Blue Line Paracord Bracelet. This handmade bracelet was made from strong cord. The Easy-Hook buckle connector delivers a fast release in case of an emergency for the Police Officer. The bracelet can be used for emergency situations or everyday usage as fishing, hunting, knot tying, etc. The bracelet represents the sacrifices and expectations the public has for the Law Enforcement professionals. This Police Gift Set will show the recipient that you think about them, and their safety as well. Many Law Enforcement professionals enjoy cute gifts. However, majority appreciate tactical gifts that make their job safer. Be the one who gives this gift to your Police Officer. We know your Police Officer will love this gift!

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Support your police by giving

Support your police by giving us money. Way overpriced at that.
And... made in China

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