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The PODAVACH OPMOD U-Loader is an amazing addition to your arsenal. In order to add more efficiency to your shooting experience, this U-Loader for AR15/AK allows loading up to 10 magazines in just four minutes. No matter the weather or the battlefield conditions, you will be able to reload in a swipe and keep going! It is Multicaliber, waterproof, pain-free and quick-to-use! This U-Loader comes in an exclusive OPMOD Gray color only available on!U-Loader Specifics:The pusher is equipped with a magnet for extra securityRound markers for different calibers (10, 20, 30) are etched on the loaderIt is supported by five rubber feet to prevent glidinghe OPMOD U-Loader is waterproof and durable to stay in action even during cold/wet seasons.Designed for:Riflemen who practice their shooting in cold/freezing weatherMarksmen who train in intense combat conditionsSeasoned riflemen: to get rid of finger pain and improve user experienceBeginning riflemen: for a smoother and more natural trainingWhat Makes This an OPMODExclusive gray colorOPMOD on the body of the U-Loader
Specifications for PODAVACH OPMOD U-Loader AR15/AK Speed Loader:
Color: Gray
Fabric/Material: Baltic Birch Plywood
Caliber: .25-45 Sharps, .204 Ruger, 6.5mm Grendel, .224 Valkyrie, .300 AAC Blackout, 5.45x39mm, 5.56x45mm NATO, 6.8mm Remington SPC, 7.62x39mm, .223 Remington
Gun Make: AR Platform, Kalashnikov, Ruger
Gun Model: Ruger Mini-14, AK-74, AKS, M4, M16, AR-15, AK-47, Ruger Mini-30, AKM
Gun Type: Rifle
Color: OPMOD Exclusive GrayCartridge: .25-45 Sharps , .204 Ruger , .223 Remington , .224 Valkyrie , .300 AAC Blackout , 5.45x39mm , 5.56x45mm NATO , 6.5mm Grendel , 6.8mm Remington SPC , 7.62x39mmGun Make: AR Platform , Kalashnikov , RugerGun Model: AK-47 , AK-74 , AKM , AKS , AR-15 , M4 , M16 , Ruger Mini-14 , Ruger Mini-30Included Accessories: StandardCondition: New



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This thing is nice. Works perfectly. Why the negative feedback? I have 2.

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Cheapest i've seen at this price. Are people downvoting it because it's made in Ukraine?

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