Plum Crazy Complete Lower receiver - $119

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Back in Stock - Coleman Tyler offers Complete Plum Crazy AR15 Lower with 4 position M4 Collapsible Stock. They also have a B&M store in Gilbert, AZ and local pickup is available. For our Scottsdale residents, US Auto Weapons is selling for $149.95 + tax, off course, local pickup available. If you have information about local shops in any state that have the Plum Crazy Lower available, please leave a note in the comments and we will update the post. This fiber reinforced composite material lower will serve well with the low priced Del-Ton uppers that are for sale online for only $350 each.
The Complete AR15 Lower is engineered using fiber reinforced composite material, more resilient to damage than aluminum. These lower receivers have been extensively tested and proven. HF, FN and
Also known as PCF lower receiver, PCF complete lower or The C-15 Receiver.
Glock all used polymers to bring their products into the new millennium. Now there is an AR15 that sets the standard for the next generation of shooting enthusiasts.
Receiver (this is a part of product #1)
Weighs approximately ½ that of Forged Aluminum Receiver
Durability surpasses forged aluminum receiver
Impervious to chemicals including acids, fuels and salts
Reduced wear properties and no color loss from wear
Engineered for acceptance of Mil.Spec.Parts (less winter trigger)
***Lower has a LIFETIME WARRANTY***

Plum Crazy Lower review

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
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Coleman Tyler is no longer in business. It was a home based business and husband and wife split up.


The PCF website advertises

The PCF website advertises the 6 position commercial spec stock. It seems as though a number of these lowers were shipped with 4 position mil spec buffer tubes/ receiver extensions with commercial spec stocks. They rattle like, well, plum crazy. If you have one of these contact PCF and they'll mail you out the correct tube. Then it's up to you to install it. BTW their website is very unfinished and has been abandoned since October 2010, except for the forum.

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May want to update the post,

May want to update the post, the website shows only a 4 position stock, not 6.

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thanks, updated.

thanks, updated.

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I can't believe people are

I can't believe people are buying this plastic crap!

Just kidding.... Plum Crazy lowers are all I use now and I LOVE THEM! I get mine from somewhere else because they give me a better deal with shipping, but I've referred several people to Coleman Tyler. All the feedback from these guys on the seller have been very positive.

$119 is the cheapest you will find them if you buy 5 or less, so "thumbs up" to a great seller, great product, and a very slick deal.

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I bought one of these last

I bought one of these last week on Christmas eve and put a couple hundred rounds through it last weekend. I could not be happier with it or the great advice from the guys at Coleman Tyler.

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Gun Depot in Mesa, AZ (480)

Gun Depot in Mesa, AZ (480) 981-0052---has these in stock as of 12/23/2010. Picked mine for $119.00+ tax. Awesome guys to work with. You won't find new or used guns any cheaper in the Phoenix Metro area.

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London Bridge Firearms out of

London Bridge Firearms out of Lake Havasu is selling them for $10 cheaper with $15 shipping no matter how many you buy. I bought 12 from them and couldn't be happier with the lowers AND dealing with Bill, the owner.
These are working GREAT on my DPMS and DTI uppers. You can't beat a brand new M4 for under $500!

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Actually you guys in Havasu

Actually you guys in Havasu are the same price... Coleman Tyler has been $119.95 for a while now too and they are in the valley with no shipping... I bet they are still cheap on their shipping too but I would not know since i am local.

Someone should update the ad...


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I bought one of these from

I bought one of these from Coleman Tyler a couple of months ago thinking it was so cheap I might as well try it out... This thing actually is more to my liking than my DPMS! Not only is it lightweight, but I have not experienced any issues with it at all.

I also got a CMMG M4 upper from them for $469.95 to complete the rifle so $599.95 was a rocking deal on a complete M4!

The Coleman Tyler guys were cool and really close to my house!

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I live 3 streets over from

I live 3 streets over from them so they are super close to me too. I have bough quite a few things for years from them too and like the guys over there.

I just wish the coleman tyler girls in the ads and on the site all worked in the store!


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I have seen them at Bear Arms

I have seen them at Bear Arms in Scottsdale (Shea blvd & Scottsdale rd) but it was only a stripped lower and the price was like 99 bucks. That's to much for a polymer stripped lower. When these Plum Crazys first came out the complete lower with 6 pos stock was 99 bucks.

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