Real Russians don’t need magazines. From the time they are little babies they are trained to feed cartridges into their AK-47s at a rate of ten rounds per second. Unfortunately our education system hasn’t caught up to Russia’s yet, but at least we can take consolation with high quality magazines by Plinker Tactical.

This magazine is made of high strength polymer, because Plinker knows the first thing any savvy shooter does with a new mag is try to break it. The mag’s textured surface makes it easy to perform a fast reload with gloved or sweaty hands. Its steel spring is treated to absorb years of use and abuse, and its anti-tilt follower will prevent a poorly oriented cartridge from interrupting your steady current of bullets.

This mag holds 30 7.62x39 cartridges, making it a good selection for target shooting and especially self-defense. Just make absolutely certain your state doesn’t hold some grudge against 30 round magazines, because we love you and would hate it if you got in trouble for having something you’re not supposed to.

MPN#: PTAK4701
UPC#: 859664003120

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Does paying 15 shipping suck, yes, 5 bucks tax, yes. But if someone said 7 bucks a mag if you buy 10 instead of 5 bucks a piece would most still be happy, yes. Still a decent deal....

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$15 shipping is fine, I just bought 10 of these and 10 thermolds. Dollar cost average: $6 per mag.

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1 vote

15 shipping. Uh no

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The shipping pretty much killed the deal for me.

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