Product features:
There is plenty of velcro space on the outside of the flaps to apply your favorite morale badges.
The 9MM .45 ACP and .40 S&W velcro work as marking so that you know what pouch goes with what magazine, it eliminates any guessing for shooters.
Great way to organize mags for the range or storage.
This pouch allows for the more conventional vertical storage of extra ammo.
Made of heavy duty nylon; The material is stiff and durable
Fits many different styles of pistol magazines and calibers
Plenty of room for those full size mags
Snap MOLLE straps are handy.Use the 2 rows of MOLLE webbing on the back and the included clips to attach to any MOLLE compatible gear.

Packages Includes
1 x 8 Mag Pouch
2 x 9MM Magic Tapes
2 x .45 ACP Magic Tapes
2 x .40 S&W Magic Tapes
2 x MOLLE tactical clips

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Tried 3 days after this was originally posted and it was already dead. Not even sure if it was ever actually valid.

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