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Category: Rifles
Caliber: 9mm
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What about cmmg mk9t

What about cmmg mk9t

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first time poster, long time

first time poster, long time user. I saw an ar9mm carbine at bass pro for $1K. It was made by commercial something... obviously that is way to much, but still I was looking for it online with no luck. Anybody have any info? I want a conversion kit for a lower that I already have the sbr tax stamp for but the stipulation is that I want one that uses M&P mags or Glock mags. does anyone know if the Olympic arms use a standard lower?

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Nano 9mm Carbine
Acceps 9mm Glock® Magazines
Part Number: RI0034
Manufacturer: Mag Tactical

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Check out the reviews online.

Check out the reviews online. Not good.

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KRISS vector .45 and

KRISS vector .45 and 9mm


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Hi-Point recently released

Hi-Point recently released their .380 acp carbine.

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Can't forget MGI's Hydra that

Can't forget MGI's Hydra that shoots all kinds of calibers!

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I don't see any of Thereon

I don't see any of Thereon Defense Carbines listed? These guys make awesome carbines that use AR stock, & AR trigger group, in 9mm, .40, .45, 10mm. They have various models that take popular magazines like Uzi, Glock, and are working on others like XD and M&P.

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None of these are piston

None of these are piston

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Important Note: Their bot is

Important Note: Their bot is just telling you where these are being sold, NOT if they are being sold for a good price.

I'm looking for a Sub2000 Glock 17 mags, but they only listed the 40 cal model and it was $549. An LGS here has that one for $449 and that is still $80 over MSRP.

Down vote, this is not a "deal".

Note to Kel-Tec: Ramp up production already!

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They aren't producing theses

They aren't producing theses any more; they previewed the GEN2 at SHOT 15 and are waiting until the majority of the GEN 1's have sold to start pushing out the GEN 2's


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Anyone know who's selling the

Anyone know who's selling the TNW ASR's? I know you can get one from the manufacturer, but they want an arm and a leg.

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Anyone know why the hell the

Anyone know why the hell the 9mm Beretta CX4 jumped in price recently? I should've gotten one a couple months ago when they were around $600. There's no way in hell I'm paying over $700 for one.

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9mm was always around $700,

9mm was always around $700, they recently had a sale for about $550, but $700 is the usual price. I guess most folks like the 9mm because of the higher capacity mags. Someone should make a 45acp mag with a greater capacity, then CX4 in 45acp would make sense.

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Guess I'll just have to try

Guess I'll just have to try to be patient again. I picked a bad time to decide on buying one. I thought there may have been a reason a lot of places had them on sale.

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I'm confused as to why this

I'm confused as to why this is getting voted up. It's another aggregator that manages to capture deals after they're no longer deals, or are sold-out/oos.

Glad to see another firearms entrepreneur make strides, but don't call this a deal. It's not. It's spam.

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