The H10A Peltor Ear Muffs (OPTIME 105 Series) are the technology leader for hearing protection. The dual shell of the Twin-Cup ear muffs for extremely high noise environments minimize resonance, allowing maximum high-frequency attenuation. The result is highly effective protection, low weight and optimal comfort in even the most severe type of applications. Peltor ear muffs are known as producing the highest quality ear muffs in the safety industry! Highest NRR for any ear muff tested by an accredited lab of 30 dB.

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Twin-Cup Design
Provides maximum high and low frequency attenuation
NRR 30 dB
The H10A Peltor ear muffs have a wide, soft padded headband that distributes the weight while the two-point suspension exerts low surface pressure for comfortable, long term use. The ear muffs also have soft, foam-filled ear cushions that are easily replaceable while providing added comfort and excellent sealing properties.

Key Features

The Peltor H10A Ear Muffs (Optime 105) were developed for in use extremely noisy environments.
The protection is based on a technology with double casing that minimizes resonance in the holder casing. This results in maximum high-frequency muffling, while at the same time its still easy to understand speech and signals.
The sealing earmuff rings are broad and filled with soft plastic foam for the best fit and low contact pressure.
Effective hearing protection and best comfort are the hallmarks of the Optime 105.

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I have these and used them extensively before I acquired my electronic pair. They provide very good noise reduction and they were very comfortable.

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