color: ACU
Material: 600D Military nylon
Weight (approx): 1750g
Capacity: 50L
Main Compartment (approx): 19.7"(50cm) High x 13"(33cm) Wide x 8.7"(22cm) Deep
Front Pocket (approx): 5.1"(13cm) High x 12.6"(32cm) Wide x 3.9"(10cm) Deep
Side Pocket (approx): 7.9"(20cm) High x 4.7"(12cm) Wide x 2.4"(6cm) Deep

The Backpack is constructed with waterproof 600D Nylon material.
Come with a zipper outside pocket and a big mesh compartment in it
With 3 detachable molle pouches attached on front and two sides.
Large cargo with a big compartment in it.
With a bite valve hole at the top of the pack, and hided by a velcro cover.
Come with a hand carry strap and adjustable shoulder strap.
Wide & thick waist belt, comfortable for heavy carry.
With adjustable chest belt.

Package Include:
1x backpack (1x Main bag, 2 x side bags, 1x front bag)

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I got one similar for toting ammo and the weight caused the zippers to bust.

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Ive used mine for 2 years almost everyday as a computer bag carrying a portable desktop pc. It's holding up very nice with no signs of wear.

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How dare you think a big, tactical backpack, for $21 is made cheap. They had to make that backpack, send it all the way over on the boat, put it on a truck, send it to a warehouse, put it in the right bin, pick it up and send it through the warehouse, package it all up and then send it by UPS out to your house and all for $21. I would really expect a kick ass backpack for that!!!!

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Cheap and zippers break easily

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