OSS HX556 Helix 5.56mm Suppressor - $299.95 (Free S/H)

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The latest addition to the HELIX line, the HX 556 is an integrated flush mount system built with titanium, stainless steel and cobalt. The HX 556 dramatically reduces backpressure, blowback, sound and flash signature, and is full-auto rated. A self-tightening mounting device, the STS-Muzzle Brake (1/2 x 28 TPI), is included with each suppressor.

Currently, additional OSS STS-Brakes are not available from OSS. However, with the purchase of a separate STS Flash Hider, the HX 556 can be quickly switched between your 5.56 guns. Just thread the HX 556 onto the STS Flash Hider, hand tighten and you’re ready to shoot.

- Manufacturer OSS (Operators Suppressor Systems)
- Model Helix 556 (HX556)
- Type Rifle Flush Mount Suppressor
- Caliber .223/5.56mm
- Weight 20.8oz
- Length 6.8″
- Finish Matt Black
- Mount 1/2 -28 Thread Mount Must use with STS-Muzzle Brake INCLUDED
- Decibel Reduction -33dB
- Full Auto Rated No


Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Suppressors
UPC: 706433762224
MPN: HX556
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I'd agree with your comment

I'd agree with your comment about Botach, but I don't think the Po'Boy is a solid alternative compared to this supressor, as it's a direct thread configuration and that's about the worst way to mount any supressor don't you think? I'm not bashing it at all, cause I've never used it, but direct thread is not something I'd be interested in.

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If y'all want a good cheap

If y'all want a good cheap suppressor. Look at the black aces Po'boy for 199 and never look back. Highly advise to stay clear of botach and their poor customer service.

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Most times you won't have any

Most times you won't have any issue at all, but that's the thing, you are taking a risk that's probably gonna end up being a hassle if it goes bad. Probably a good choice NOT to roll the dice...

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Man, I really want this....

Man, I really want this.... but after research, I just dont feel like giving someone my money and never getting anything for it other than a headache. I mean, the reviews on this company online are the worst I have ever seen. I very happy I looked them up before ordering.

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I'd this the hole set up

I'd this the hole set up

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This is a awesome price. 600

This is a awesome price. 600 total and that includes tax stamp and transfer fee. Dam good price.

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BOTACH = Better Off Trying

BOTACH = Better Off Trying Another Cheap Hooker

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Man, you are providing

Man, you are providing quality info in this thread, where did you come from!? Usually this place is full of turds that tend to stink the place up... Anyways, thanks for the great info!

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Very refreshing isn’t it.

Very refreshing isn’t it. These comments sections can turn into such awful back and forth battles. I really wish gun.deals would try to encourage participants to be civil and remain focused on the products & services

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Do these have an expected

Do these have an expected lifespan before they no longer work? So many rounds before the "baffling" is worn out etc. I think I remember reading years ago that "silencers" that Special Forces/CIA etc used did not last that long.

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I decided to contact them to

I decided to contact them to ask OSS directly (via contact form). Here is their reply:

"The service life really depends on what ammo you use as well as barrel length, rate of fire, and how often you clean it.

If you are a normal guy who isn't going crazy and shooting full auto all the time it should go 20,000 rounds without any problems.

Best Regards,
Adam Ward
International & OEM Sales Manager
280 West Central Ave Millcreek UT, 84107
Tel: (801) 542-0425 ext: 263

Submitted it late last night and had the reply in my inbox about an hour ago (~7AM Pacific/MST). So kudos to them on the quick reply.

Hope that helps.

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For baffle-based suppressors

For baffle-based suppressors many things can impact their lifespan.

Gemtech posted a response to just such a question:

"Lifespan depends on a number of factors: caliber, ammunition, host weapon, and duty cycle. In 5.56 NATO, we have had suppressors last in excess of 100,000 rounds of the 5.56 NATO ammo. I have also destroyed them (ours as well as competition) in less that 400 rounds with abusive firing cycles."

AAC has stated that their user-serviceable cans will 'last a lifetime' (100K+ rounds or 'several barrels') if used properly, maintained, and not abused.

That said, baffle erosion IS a thing and the blast baffle definitely takes punishment. Anecdotally, using a muzzle brake mount may reduce the amount of punishment the blast baffle receives. Essentially becoming a 'sacrificial' baffle.


This suppressor works differently, forcing gas out, and around, the bore of the can. MAC has a nice break down of a disassembly of the can. There is a rather beefy chunk of metal that would act as a blast baffle in the user-removable portion of the can, but I'm not really sure how the dynamics of that work as this is to force gas though the suppressor body, and through the helical groves, not so much like a baffle-based suppressor, which is a 'delay and flow-past' design.

I'm not a suppressor maker, materials engineer, nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn last night. So this might be a question to give directly to OSS (and I think I might email them myself since I'm curious now).

Finally, if the cans you cite for SF/CIA used 'wipes', they would definitely wear out over time. Basically rubber gaskets inside the can that will wear, open up, tear, etc., over use. They were meant to be a replaceable part (which the ATF has now poo-poo'd on).

Sorry, I don't really know more about that topic. Would need to know more about how they were built, etc. If some were built like current 'cheap and replaceable' suppressors used (and sometimes required) in other countries they may not be as durable as many of the suppressors sold commercially in the US, that are over-engineered/over built (given the cost, difficulty, and time to obtain), at least compared to some of the 'affordable' hunting suppressors from overseas.

Again, by no means an expert at all. Just a retired hobbyist with too many cans. ;)

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EXACTLY! Like I said in my

EXACTLY! Like I said in my reply above, I only had one time out of several orders ,where I have had an issue, and the manufacturer of the pants actually made it right, so I ended up not having to go the CC chargeback route. I have still ordered from them after this incident, and I understand the risks, but Botach needs to get their shit together, cause it's NEVER cool not to answer a customer back after they spent money with you, thats a HUGE smack in the face! Anyways, like others have stated, be smart, but buyer beware....

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Botach are thieves. Ordered

Botach are thieves. Ordered and paid for the oss helix in February it is now June and still no shipping info. I told them I need a full refund after they kept saying they're expecting their shipment in any day (said this for over a month). They've just ignored my communications since. CROOKS

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Botach are KNOWN crooks, and

Botach are KNOWN crooks, and the few times I have ordered from them I luckily have only had one problem, which took MULTIPLE calls to get reponses and after that the manufacturer ended up taking care of me because Botach is the WORST company to do business with! Make sure to always use a credit card with purchase protection when ordering from them, cause that will likely be your only recourse if they refuse to respond or help you. I cannot believe they are still in business to be honest, almost like a shady ass used car salesman, they are the scum of the earth! Hope you get that issue resolved...

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While I've ordered from

While I've ordered from Botach many times, and never experienced any shenanigans myself, there is ample anecdotal evidence across the various firearms forums that one should make sure to protect themselves if doing business with them.

Make sure to use a card with a good return and dispute policy. And don't be hesitate to use it. If a vendor does not deliver, plays games, or will not return your emails/phone calls, provide evidence of your good faith attempts (copies of emails, dates and times of phone calls) to remedy the issue with the vendor, then reverse charges on them.

I've had to do that with a number of vendors over the years and never had issues with my CC company reversing charges.

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Buyer Beware! Bought the

Buyer Beware! Bought the multi-cal OSS Helix back in February, ordered the extra 5.56 mount for an additional $100. The Helix and 7.62 mount arrived at my SOT with no problem, the 5.56 mount never showed. I have been calling Botach repeatedly trying to get the issue resolved without success. Customer service is absolute garbage. Just called my bank and disputed the charge.

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That is exactly what to do.

That is exactly what to do. Reverse charges if they play games.

Vendors do face potential penalties when hit with chargebacks.
With enough bad transactions merchant accounts might be closed, or they have to deal with higher reserves and longer hold times on funds. As well as potentially pay penalties when chargebacks hit their merchant account.

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Krombopulos_Michael's picture

" and is full-auto

" and is full-auto rated."


"- Full Auto Rated No"

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These ARE rated for full

These ARE rated for full auto, don't mind that typo. Plenty of video reviews clearly demonstrate it as well.

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Well that sucks. I paid 400

Well that sucks. I paid 400 from botach in april.

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With suppressor purchase

With suppressor purchase volume down (coming back up, but still down after ATF 41F) lots of places have been unloading gun mufflers. Picked up a few more can at a great discount a bit back.

This is a great price, even if I've got a better 556 can already. Novelty of this odd-ball suppressor is kinda' neat.

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What makes this can a

What makes this can a novelty? I am new to cans, and this seems like a good price to get my feet wet, is it really any good, or should I save up and get something different for my first suppressor? Thanks!

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The novelty is in the design

The novelty is in the design of the suppressor itself. Instead of baffles it uses multiple layers of helical grooves to slow down the gas. This creates two interesting characteristics that make them functionally different from baffle-based suppressors:

(1) The flow-though design vents gas forward. So, while it sounds quieter at the ear, they tend to be a bit noisier down range.

(2) The design keeps back-pressure down as compared to baffle-based suppressors. For Semi-autos this means much lower suppressor 'gas to the face', and in full-autos this keeps the cyclic rate similar or same as when running non-suppressed.

For $299 this is an absolute bargain, saving a few hundred dollars as compared to an M4-2000. That said, you can't go wrong with an M4-2000 at around $500 for a well-priced 556 can. Prices mostly scale up from there for Griffin, Surefire, etc.

On the other hand, that $200 permission from the king you have to pay for each can does lend itself to 'buy once, cry once'. If you plan on owning multiples, it is not that big of a deal. If you plan on 'one to rule them all', 'one for life', etc., then I'd save for exactly what meets your needs. Maybe looking at 30cal cans that can also run 556 if you ever plan on running 308 or 300BLK if you want a multi-host rifle can. Or something like the Liberty Cosmic if you want a boat load of calibers, both pistol and rifle (if you are looking for an 'all in one' {but not 308} can).

Either way, this can is a great bargain at 3 bills for your 556.

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Martyr_Machine's picture

+1 for the informative/not

+1 for the informative/not smart ass reply. Seems like most of these threads turn into know-it-all opinion-fests ran by a few jackasses here. I am sure they will show up sooner or later. You know them, the same kind of guys that ruin all the gun related FB groups.

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AWESOME and very informative

AWESOME and very informative response! I appreciate your detailed info, it helps a lot for a guy that is new to this whole suppressor game. While I do own A Scar 17s, I can't see myself using it a whole lot on anything other than my home protection AR-15, so I may just take the plunge on this one, and than if I get the itch to go further, I will get something that is more compatible with other calibers. Again, thanks 4 the detailed info! :)

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* Glad I could help,

Glad I could help, shojus.

Keep your suppressor in a leaded box. Having them exposed to the same air you breath can lead to SCD (Suppressor Consumption Disorder). An affliction that has a short onset time after first shooting a suppressed firearm.

Its symptoms are:

• Random and un-manly giggling when shooting (or sometimes just thinking about) suppressed firearms (this is not known to affect operational operators operating operationally) ;)

• A compulsion to acquire more, and often multiples of the same, gun mufflers.

• A zombie-like compulsion to spread SCD to other humans.

• Sending cakes and files to your suppressors while they are the bighouse

• Obtuse rationalizing on why you 'really need' additional cans

• Being okay that mounts, QD adapters, and other suppressor accessories can actually end up costing more than the can itself

In rare cases SCD can onset before actual possession of a suppressor, incubating between the purchase of a suppressor, and when it is released from quarantine. This has also been known to a secondary affliction related to all things SBR.

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LMAO N I CE ! I best keep

LMAO N I CE ! I best keep them in a leaded box 4 sure then!

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