iKayaa Double Sided Aluminum Frame Hard Shell Pistol Handgun Case - $19.99 shipped after code "GUNDEALS7522" (US Warehouse)

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This is a high-quality hard shell pistol case with 2 locks to storage or display pistols. It features ABS panel + Aluminum frame, corners are wrapped with iron plates, which makes this case sturdy and have long service time. Have 2 triple digit combination locks to provide max. security. It is a perfect option to protect guns from children or intruders. Don't hesitate to buy it!

Black colors with tiny diamond pattern, quite cool.
Double-sided design to storage at least 2 pistols safely.
2 combination locks, provide maximum security for pistols.
Excellent ABS panel with Aluminum Frame, iron wrapped corners, solid and durable.
Can be opened at 90°degree easily.
Light-weight, with non-slip handle to carry.
Interior high-density egg carton shaped sponge to protect gun from scratching and reduce shock.
Perfect option to protect guns from children or intruders.

Test We Have Passed:
1.The sponge we used has passed test standard of IEC 62321 Edition 1.0:2008 and maximum concentration limits quoted from RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU.
2.Handle we used has passed PAHs Content test to ensure its quality.

Color: Black
Material: Aluminum + ABS + Sponge + MDF
Lock Type: 2 * Combination Lock
Corner: Iron Wrapped(Normal Product on market is Plastic)
Product Size: 31.8 * 25.4 * 16.5cm / 12.52 * 10 * 6.49"(W * D * H)
Product Weight: 1.5kg / 3.31LB
Package Size: 33.5 * 18 * 30cm / 13.19 * 7.08 * 11.81"
Package Weight: 1.9kg / 4.19LB

Package Included:
1 * Gun Case
1 * User Manual
Item#: H17522

Category: Accessories
Caliber: Gun Cases
Brand: iKayaa
UPC: 714973610813
MPN: LWW7021259279129BX
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Locks broke the first day.

Locks broke the first day.

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Update: BOTH of the cheap

Update: BOTH of the cheap combo locks are broke! WTF! Save your money...

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Update: got mine a while

Update: got mine a while back. This isn't a 'secure' case, meaning if you wanted to get into it, it wouldn't be hard. Great for storage or if you have smaller kids.
The combination part already broke and I barely used it!!!

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The picture is very

The picture is very misleading it is not near the size it would take to house two guns that size on oNE side. It is not a very robust unit in fact it won't hold up to much abuse. it is small just enough to hold two guns one on each side also when you click on the one two three day shipping it doesn't mean a thing it still takes over a week to get here ,in fact it took about 2 weeks to get here. You can save yourself a buck or two by buying it on eBay and getting it shipped faster!

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Foam falling apart? Try this:

Update that mine arrived

Update that mine arrived today after ordering on the 17th. I agree with MrBOFH. The foam is not very dense and doesn't offer much support at all. The number dials are pretty crappy. Hard to move a few of them, but after rolling them all around a bit they seem to be a little better. Still doesn't feel like a decent quality dial though. Setting the code was easy enough at least.

For $24 I would not have ordered it had I been able to handle it in person.

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I just received the case. The

I just received the case. The number locks look like the weak point as I'm not sure if they will last long. They feel somewhat flimsy. I'm hoping I get proven wrong on that though. Also the foam inside is pretty light and doesn't hold a 1911 in place at all with the case closed. There's room enough to place two full size 1911 pistols on each of the sides, but as said, another layer of foam is needed to hold them in place so they don't move during transport and get damaged. I'll need to replace the interior foam with a heavier and thicker version to make the case usable.

Had I known what I know now, I would not have ordered it. The good news is that the case itself feels pretty solid.

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Found carrier for shipping.

Found carrier for shipping. OK so I just did a search and the tracking number I received was incomplete. Item tracking number if it's the correct one I found says in transit from ROWLAND HEIGHTS, CA US and will be delivered the 25th. Will keep up dates. Shipped FEDEX looks like you need to add a 92 to the front of the tracking number if you can't track it and it's not there, at least mine I had to. Looks like their shipping estimate may be a day or two off.

Also Gundeals3off, "GUNDEALS3OFF", gundeals3off, "gundeals3off" tried all variations, code didn't work for me today 5-24 as I just tried just to see if it worked. States "Please note your coupon does not exist" maybe because I already bought one at earlier price.

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Just ordered one 5/23/17 and

Just ordered one 5/23/17 and paid 26.99 with free priority (1-3 day) shipping. I'll update the day I receive it

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Got it after a couple weeks.

Got it after a couple weeks. Seems like it's decent quality for the money. Fits 4 glock 19 size pistols well

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UPDATE: as of 05/23/2017

UPDATE: as of 05/23/2017 tracking number they gave still shows Status Not Available, Have had this happen with tracking numbers before we'll see if it get delivered in a couple days. Passing their delivery date. Will give them 3 more days until I report to Paypal. Yes I did order from USA Warehouse which
Shows dispatched---- Shipped Date:05/18/2017 12:08 AM Priority shipping 1-3 days.

Also price increased by $3.00 shows $26.99 on their site now.

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Ordered as well. Received a

Ordered as well. Received a paypal notification about the payment going to TomTop Tech LTD. but never received an order confirmation from them.

Update: fired off a message through their contact me. Received a quick reply with a tracking#. It should be here Edenesday using FedEx smartpost from L.A.. Looks like the 1-3 days express did not fly. :-)

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Looks to be a decent deal

Looks to be a decent deal just remember it's coming from overseas so don't expect to get it in two days. Usually take items from China to get to me at least 14 days although the say it ships from a US warehouse we'll see. Shows 23.99 for me with free shipping. Looks to be a nice range case.

OK we'll see how long shipping takes I ordered with 1-3 business days. Don't see how they can do that but we'll see.5/17/2017

UPDATE. mine shows Dispatched 05/18/2017 12:08 AM with tracking number which looks to be USPS but at 12:08 am would put it at China time which would be 12:08 pm EST. Tracking number shows up as status not available but it might not have been picked up yet. Still have paypal protection if it pans out bad.

UPDATE: as of 05/19/2017 tracking number they gave still shows Status Not Available, Have had this happen with tracking numbers before we'll see if it get delivered in a couple days.

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I'll give it a try for $24.

I'll give it a try for $24. Selected US warehouse and Priority shipping with no additional costs. I'll rate it after it arrives and I can judge it first hand.

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Has anyone actually ordered

Has anyone actually ordered from these guys before? I have never heard of them.

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You can change the shipping

You can change the shipping method to "Priority Shipping (1-3 days)" and still get it shipped for free.

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Under shipping method it says

Under shipping method it says can't ship to United States and it won't process the order.... Anyone else have this problem?

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Did you choose the ships from

Did you choose the ships from US warehouse?

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When I look at it there isn't

When I look at it there isn't even an option to choose. It just says can not ship to US. Weird..

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it's showing 29.99 for me, oh

it's showing 29.99 for me, oh well :(

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Low price and Free

Low price and Free Shipping... I'll take one.

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DuaneDibbley's picture

It would pass the Gorilla

It would pass the Gorilla test, that's for sure. But not sure about this comment-'Perfect option to protect guns from children or intruders'. I understand children, but an intruder? It only protects you from not getting to them in a timely manor. Especially at night. And the intruder will just walk away with the case! But very good price for a solid looking case.

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