From Dec.16th to Dec.19th Olight USA will have an up to 40% off Christmas sale sitewide.

Free i3E EOS Black - Log into your account or register and a free i3E (worth $9.95) will appear in your cart. - HERE .

Free gifts:

--- Every customer who logs into an account gets a free i3E

--- Spend over $99 get 1pc i1R 2 (MSRP: $14.95) for free.

--- Spend over $199 get 1pc S2R II (MSRP: $69.95 ) for free.

--- Spend over $299 get 1pc S1R II Ti (MSRP: $99.95 ) for free.

--- Spend over $399 get 1pc PL-2RL (MSRP: $129.95) for free.

--- Spend over $599 get 1pc Javelot Pro Black (MSRP: $199.95 ) for free.

**All Coupon Codes are disabled during this sale**

Perun Blue/Black - HERE .
Bundle Perun Blue/Black + i3 UV OD Green - HERE .
Bundle Perun Blue Limited Edition + Headband - HERE .

Baton Pro Desert tan/black - HERE .
Bundle Baton Pro Desert tan/black + i3 UV OD Green - HERE .

PL-Pro Valkyrie black/desert - HERE .

PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie - HERE .

Baldr Pro - HERE .

S1R Baton II RED/Black - HERE .

Seeker 2 Pro-Black - HERE .

Other flashlights and accessories will be 20% off from Dec.16th-Dec.19th.

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This is an amazing deal! With 200$ I picked up 5 different lights for our firearms and edc use.

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This is the first bad review I hear about Oliggt. I've been carrying Oliggt for edc for the last 5 years and no problems!!! Before that I was a Fenix guy., But now all I run is Oliggt. Streamlights are good too. We have the streamlights tlr4 on our pistols and shotguns. But now upgrading from the tlr4 to the Olight PL-Pro Valkary for our pistols.. we'll see how they hold up.

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Fuuuck olight and their shitty products, long lead times holiday sales and battery devouring junk. Their shit will leave you high and dry when you need it most, even if you have status checked it before hand and put in a fresh battery.

I’ve owned and sold their lights using CR-123, 1851s, AA, AAA & internal battery versions they produce. WMLs as well and the only light that is merely “ok,” but still a battery eater with even limited use is I3T EOS. That lil’ guy is handy, bright for size, has an excellent switch and UI as well as an outstanding dual clip.

I went HAM on Olight’s BF sale last year and my order took over 4 weeks to ship, and only in parts. The “free” products for spending X dollars during that sale arrived weeks after the entire order was finally received. When one of those freebies did arrive I began using it and by merely storing brand new batteries in it for around 10 days the damn thing was dead AF. Replaced with new batteries, same thing happened again.

This was also true of their weapon lights I owned.

Streamlight if you are on a budget and Sure Fire if you operate, brah!

There are some other good companies out there for sure (Arisaka, Cloud D, etc) but none with the forementioned two’s reputation.

Olight is the Barska of the flashlight world. Toy level at best.

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Never had any problems with battery life or durability on any of my olights. Just took one as my only light on a multi day camping trip with no worries that it wouldn’t work. It even got stuck in the campfire at one point. I have also always received my order in 7 days or less.

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Won't be as descriptive as Ty1998 but both plights I've owned stopped working with less than an hour of use and delicate care. Have to support the assessment.

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