Oakley's O-Frame 2.0 PRO PPE Goggles provides superb protection with unmistakable style.
These affordable and durable PPE goggles are padded and secure comfort and sophisticated ventilation properties, these goggles are a great value with many different uses.
Specifications and Features:
- Wide Lenses - extends peripheral vision for greater situational awareness
- Adjustable headband
- Padded interior for comfort
- Vented
- Frame Color- Black
- Polarized Lenses- No
- Item Condition- New
- UPC- 888392557568
- MPN- OO7123-01

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I bought my two youngest boys googles for the ATVs on Amazon for $15-$20 each. I got a couple of these for my oldest son and myself. They are just as good or better than the Amazon googles only for less. Fairly comfortable and decently made. I'm planning to get a pair for my daughter and a couple to loan when friends come over. Hard to go wrong on these for $10.

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8/21/22: Bought two pair for general use I'll edit this post if it isnt a good experience.

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Have you received your order? How do you like the goggles? Are they comfortable? Worth the price?

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Ordered 2 of these from Bereli because of the price and free shipping. They arrived in a little less than a week.

These are the first set of PPE goggles I've owned in a while, so the only thing I can compare them to is my issued ESS goggles.

The oakley goggles feel very lightweight and flexible. Wearing them they are comfortable on my face (but see below). In terms of anti-fogging I was impressed, my old ESS goggles fogged up almost immediately under any condition rendering them almost useless. I wore these oakleys for a few hours around my house doing some light electrical work to test them out (so crawling, stooping, climbing, etc) and they did not fog up. I'm not sure if there is an anti-fog coating that will eventually wear out or anything like that, but for now they are working good.

Clarity is good and they don't unnecessarily restrict my FOV.

One thing I don't like is the band. It is a rubbery material (think an elastic exercise band). I don't think I would enjoy wearing a band like this against my bare skin (although worn with a helmet this wouldn't be a big issue) for a long period of time, and in fact when I was done with my chores I had a line of sweat around where the band was.

Given the great price I would recommend these goggles, worst case assume that you will need to buy a replacement (i.e. more comfortable) elastic band and factor that into your buying decision.

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