Norma USA TAC-22 Ammo .22 LR 40 Grain LRN 50 rounds - $3.99 ($5 S/H over $99 w/code "77SHIP")

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Price: $3.99

Price per round: $0.080

Online Only, Do Not Call, one coupon per order - Coupon "17GEAR49" for Free S/H over $49 On Clothing and Footwear or Coupon "77SHIP" for $5 S/H over $99 (Excludes Firearms) - Set your sights on precision ammunition with Norma-USA's TAC-22 Rimfire. High quality 40-gr. bullets with round-nose lead deliver unmatched accuracy on and off the range.
Item number#: IK-218812
.22 LR 40 Grain LRN 50

To ensure all of our customers have fair access to inventories, this product has a quantity limit of 1 per order, per customer, per day.

Amount: 50
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 22 LR
Brand: Norma
UPC: 000294187162
MPN: 2318716
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is it me or did this stuff go

is it me or did this stuff go up from 5.99 or something like that to 6.49 just this morning

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I would not defend this ammo

I would not defend this ammo as being "Match ammo". It is covered in grease like Wolf Match Extra / Match Target, but in my experience this Tac22 doesn't perform as well as the Wolf. Compared to Eley Club it isn't as consistent, but that's a different price-point. Lapua is known for making some really good ammo, but IMO this Tac22 is about like Wolf Match Target.

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This ammo has been this price

This ammo has been this price for well over a year. Norma-Tac is always more than the cost of remington, winchester, and other bulk ammo prices. I don't know where you guys have seen this brand for .039-.043, but I don't believe it. I don't buy this, because I think it's too expensive, but Cabela's has had it at this price for ages...

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Price just keeps going up up

Price just keeps going up up up on this shit. And who the F keeps posting it? Expire this violation of policy now... No plinking ammo more than $.10/rd. Stop posting this!

7 votes
0 votes

One box limit, they sucker

One box limit, they sucker you in to buy on high priced box of 22lr, then you try to buy $94 of extra stuff to save $8 on shipping. I'm getting tired of seeing these deals from Cabelas. Thanks you for nothing but a scam.

2 votes
1 vote

So everyone refusing to pay

So everyone refusing to pay more than 8 cents, what are you doing? No more 22? Hopefully supply catches up.

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1 vote

i have been buying 22 lr from

i have been buying 22 lr from june 2013 to july 2014, bought thousands of rounds and do not pay over .08 cents a round shipped mini mags are the top of the line for me at .08 cents $7.99 box of 100. remington 525 box,06 cents, federal 525 box,.06 cents,winchester m-22 ,06 cents, cci blaser 500 box, .07 cents all shipped .free shipping on the mini mags. i do not resell my ammo for profit .its to go to the range and have fun.don't have to drive back home that day because the range has no 22 lr ammo.all my orders were one box per day on the bulk ,mini mags were 10 per day.every thing selling for over .08 cents a round is the people buying the ammo and reselling to others to profit on.when you stop buying from them .they will not buy the ammo to resell. and you will have more supply out there for the prices i payed.these re sellers do not even shoot.a shooter like me want's to have ammo to go enjoy and have fun. remember back when you could just walk in a store and buy 22 lr ammo any time,day of the week, keep checking the web site .check the other retailers out there for ammo ,

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0 votes

We're being patient and going

We're being patient and going after the good deals, which show up at least a few times a month.

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UserAccount's picture

They sure seem to be able to

They sure seem to be able to crank this stuff out regularly.

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KickPuncher's picture

lol nice increase. 0.12+

lol nice increase. 0.12+ cents a round now.

0 votes
1 vote

I thought the administrators

I thought the administrators on this site said no posts for .22LR on anything over .10 per round ???

7 votes
0 votes

the kicker is that they say

the kicker is that they say "Unless it is high performance"

0 votes
0 votes

Unless it is target ammo.

Unless it is target ammo. This qualifies. $60 is a bit steep, but $50 would be a steal.

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2 votes

Target Ammo? it's the pistol

Target Ammo? it's the pistol or rifle you are useing .my Ruger Mark 2 Target pistol shoots anything and i hit the bull's eye.Match Grade is just a fancy word to get the prices jacket up.the only differance to me is the clean of the different 22 lr ammo ,some is dirter than the others

2 votes
2 votes

Shoot a quality rifle from a

Shoot a quality rifle from a bench, and then you'll see the difference. For offhand pistol, you're correct, you'll have to be a hell of a shot to notice much accuracy difference between this and bulk ammo.

0 votes
0 votes

ok ill give it a try with my

ok ill give it a try with my Ruger 10-22 have a scope on that rifle my first rifle i learned on.

1 vote
0 votes

LoL, no a Ruger 10/22 doesn't

LoL, no a Ruger 10/22 doesn't count if stock barrel. Need a Lilja barrel on that thing, or shoot an Anschutz rifle to really see the difference in "match" ammo. With mass market rifle like 10/22 not going to see the difference.

1 vote
0 votes
VTX Rover's picture

I understand this may be in

I understand this may be in stock, but are we accepting the fact that .22's are now over .10 a round??? I stopped buying a couple months ago at .05 a round.

2 votes
0 votes

$5 price increase. I'll

$5 price increase. I'll pass.
Keep paying whatever they ask and they'll keep asking more.

7 votes
0 votes

Use the 10 off 50 from the "

Use the 10 off 50 from the " Text GEAR to 247365 for code". Came out to $49.66 or about .10 cents a round with free in store pick up.

2 votes
2 votes

It's good ammo, but I would

It's good ammo, but I would suggest having a rag to wipe down all the rnds you will be loading beforhand.....This is not a bad deal or a great deal, but I would not order just 1 50rnd box unless using ship to store.

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AimForJugsandPig's picture

I shot a 3/8" group at 50

I shot a 3/8" group at 50 yards out of my CZ with this ammo. Eley Target was just as good, CCI standard was about an inch. Not bad ammo, but Eley Target costs about the same and it has a better track record.

Some people don't realize how accurate a 22LR round can be, if you have the skills, a good rifle and are willing to pay for premium ammo. But if your rifle and skills aren't that good, hold out for the $23 box of Remmington Golden Bullet 525 packs. Those are good for about 3-4" at 50 yards. When they fire.

5 votes
2 votes

I'm not bashing you or your

I'm not bashing you or your comment or anyone else's opinion on Golden Bullets, but I must say: I have to be SUPER lucky and always get the "good batches" when I buy golden bullets. I've shot thousands and never had a failure, and my Marlin 795 loves them!

2 votes
0 votes

I've had a ton of luck, no

I've had a ton of luck, no failure at all, with Rem GB's in my P22. It's the only ammo it will function flawlessly with. Even various CCI ammo fails in my P22, as bad as the Winchester 22lr bulk.

0 votes
0 votes
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Its ALL "high performance

Its ALL "high performance target" these days isn't it?... That's what the local shills with their thumbs up would have you believe.

With TAC.22, those tin cans and paper targets @50yrds don't stand a chance!

Just ask the Navy Seal on the box with his .22 SBR. Ultra nice touch with the subdued red white and blue in the back round. Nothing says patriotism like raping your fellow Americans with .12cpr .22LR... But then again, it is "The Professionals Choice"... F'ing Hilarious. Thumb it up clowns, thumb it up!

10 votes
4 votes

LOL - nice, AimForJugs. I

LOL - nice, AimForJugs. I thought for a moment PigsandJigs had flip-flopped on his beliefs about quality ammo until I took a second look at your name. Looking below I see he still doesn't understand quality ammo. All is right with the world.
My only quibble is that not 3-4" but 3/4" groups are very possible with those Golden Bullets, but the variance in bulk ammo will prevent you from being able to do it consistently enough for serious target shooting. You have to 'pay to play' to get from 3/4" to 3/8" as you've stated. Obviously for some tin can shooters, it's not worth it. ;)

For the record this is Swedish ammo, so Cabela's is only passing it on, not doing any actual raping. $5.40 per box is as cheap as I've seen this stuff. So again, know what you're talking about before flapping the gums.

4 votes
1 vote

22Lr is probably the only

22Lr is probably the only round i dont mind shooting match grade ammo with because lets be honest 12cpr is still affordable sure its double what target ammo is but last i checked all ammo is and you cant load your own perfect .22 rounds.

2 votes
2 votes

Try triple. I refuse to

Try triple. I refuse to spend more than $.05cpr for .22 target/plinking . $.039-.043 should be going rate. Anything less a deal

5 votes
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Hold your breath for

Hold your breath for .039-.043 ammo after the ammo makers see what some idiots pay I fon't think we'll see much of that!

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