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308 Winchester 168gr Hollow Point Boat Tail 200/Case
Cartridge: 308 Winchester
Bullet Weight (Grains): 168
Rounds: 200
Bullet Style: Hollow Point Boat Tail (HPBT)
Brand Style: Match
Muzzle Energy: 2761, ...

Loaded with Sierra MatchKing HPBT's, Norma MATCH-223 & MATCH-308 offers accurate, flat shooting trajectory with the quality and precision Norma is known for.

SKU#: 10174542CASE

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A dollar a round... really? Is this because its "Hollow Point"? This would be a deal at closer to $0.50 a round (even though that is sad) but this isn't that.. it is literally double that yet the only indication of value is that the projectile isn't round-nosed.

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There's a big difference between this and the cheap Malaysian stuff. This is Match grade .308 with Sierra Match King Bullets and high quality brass.

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