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Noreen Billet aluminum AR-15 Lower Receivers are ready for your next build.

6061 Aluminum
Type III Class II hard coat anodizing
Broached magazine well ensures a smooth mag insertion
Compatible with all AR15 parts
Enlarged integral trigger guard
Starting with billet allow for extremely tight tolerances
Matte black finish
Made in the USA
Mfr Part: NF223B100LR

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Comments and Reviews (29)

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Bought 2 of these. Didn’t read all the comments. Don’t waste your time. They are out of spec. Just put together the first one and had to spend a half hour filing. Also the brass hammer marks that brush off a normal lower do not come off these.

OUT OF SPEC!! I bought 2 Noreen stripped lowers and magazines do not fit in the magwell. I tried Pmags GI Colt mags and Troy battle mags. None would fit. The magwell is to small I tried using a rubber mallet (which was a bad idea) and still couldn't get them to fit. Contacted Brownells they refereed me to Noreen for warranty work. Now I have to ship through an FFL and receive through an FFL at my cost. Highly do not recommend!!! I'm not the only one see the feedback on Brownells site.

Just go buy it direct from noreen.they have sales to yall

Is this 5.56 compatable?

Yes .... not much difference between a .223 and 5.56; A 5.56 is loaded hotter and has higher chamber pressure. so it's dependent on your barrel, not the lower. You'd want to go with a 5.56 NATO barrel or .223 Wylde barrel if you plan to shoot 223 or 5.56. The lower is compatible with way more calibers, you will need a different upper (barrel really) and magazine, sometime a new BCG as well.

I bought their billet AR10 lowers and uppers and had to file down the front and rear take down and pivot pins.But other then that everything fit nice,I used the DPMS gen 1 LPK from Tomstactical.I ordered the Raw version to duracoat them, other thne the filing they have nice lowers and uppers.

I fell for this deal 4 months ago, couple things... Tolerances are "tight" is an understatement. I spent over an hour filing the magwell to get mags to even go in lower without beating. Had to file where the pins go for upper to get the upper to mate. Also the buffer tube threads were extremely coarse and threading in my tube was extremely difficult. The positive, finish and lower look good, but not great... It's a clean looking lower though. Final thoughts: if you want a basic billet lower that's basically a 90% lower, get this. If you want a plug and play lower, fucking bail.

6061 ? No thanks.

Too bad I only notice the $39.99 first. Now I wasted my time reading the rest of the bullshit.

Lol I wish these made it full auto

Does it make your AR full automatic?

Of course

i bought one for a budget build. some magazines won't go into the magwell, or eject for that matter. if you have a variety of gi mags, one should at least work.

My local Gander mountain still has these lowers for 100. No wonder they are going out of business..

FFL "fee" LOL, and 6061. Nope. Thanks though. Maybe try your hand at scamming old folks in the grocery store parking lot. Methinks your skills are suitable to that profession.

Should I get this or wait for the $29 Anderson lower sale

Anderson's are back in stock at primary arms

Andersons are quality lowers just wait tell primary arms gets more.

wait for sale, hell I'd rather go pick a Anderson for 50 at cabelas than deal with this.

lol screw that scam bullshit, ffl processing fee ?

Not paying double ffl fee

Repost because this web page isn't well written for mobile browsers.

Hard to pass up a good deal but the extra fee for ffl on the outbound is a bad business practice.

No kidding. What's up with that? Lost all respect for Brownell's.

Looks a lot like the mag tactical billet lower.

Just FYI, Brownells charges a fee because it's a gun. I can't remember what they call the fee but it's a joke and is about $10.

Edit: Just looked and they call it a FFL processing fee. Kinda bull if you ask me.

Edit 2: Figured I should comment on the lower. I got a matching upper and lower for a 300 blk. Fit and finish is GTG and the feel extremely light. I'm not to concerned about the alloy but I guess that remains to be seen. For about $100 for a matching billet receiver set I'm totally sold. Only dislike, which I'm ok with, is no forward assist. Looks nice, low weight, low cost... I'm happy.

6061 T6 is a soft alloy. It will eventually lead to sloppy fitting parts and pins even as a billet cut piece.

and primary had Anderson closed ear lowers for $35 + shipping at 5am this morning

I just used 3 of these for builds , they are the tightest receivers I have ever used out of the 3-4 dozen ar I have built. No wiggle in the upper and lower what so ever. They would be better if they were 7075 billet instead of 6061 billet though. Finish is pretty good too.

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