New from Zastava Factory...M88A compact pistol! Hammer forged barrel and slide, polymer grips, 3.78” barrel, 6.89” overall, and comes with 2 magazines!

New Production
• 9mm Caliber
• 3.78” BBL / 6.89" OAL
• Hammer Forged Barrel / Slide
• Polymer grips
• 2-8rd Magazines

Price compare for 741566112270 - European American Armory 8 + 1 Round 9mm W/blue Finish

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Southern Ohio Guns is a known entity and they are GTG.

I received my M88A a couple of days ago from SOG. It looks good. My only complaint is the crap factory packaging job. The pistol was loosely in the box with the extra magazine and cleaning rod. The cleaning rod managed to work its way on top of the pistol and wear the bluing off in a couple of places. I'll be able to fix it with cold blue, but this shouldn't happen. Wrapping the pistol in a $0.05 plastic bag and/or better securing the cleaning rod would have avoided this issue. All in all, it looks to be a good deal. We'll see how it shoots.

Merchant doesn't tell you the price of shipping until after you place your order. Seems like a scam.

The price of shipping depends on which method you choose. I chose USPS and it ended up being $19.75 which is very reasonable for a pistol.

I did buy this gun from sportsman's guide and I really like it. Feels great in the hand, all steel construction and came with 2 mags.

I almost bought one. Reviews on Bud's are hilariously poor.

I feel that way about cash discounts. I assume the dealer will never ship if my only recourse is small claims.

Yep. That extra 3-5% you save may end up costing you a lot of money.

I've never ordered from a company that doesn't tell me the cost of shipping until after the order is placed........ Prolly never will.

I don't even like giving them my info or registering on the site until they tell me what the OTD price will be. I also expect to see info like exactly which accessories are included, warranty details and any extra fees spelled out up front.

Nobody wants to deal with shady dealers who hide that info.

Yup! When it comes to gun buying that "Trust Me" stuff can quickly turn into "Bend Over". Can't seem to find any place that has extra mags either.

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