New Frontier Armory STRIPPED AR15 Polymer Lower Receiver - $44.95

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New Frontier Armory
Light weight Stripped Polymer AR-15 Lower
*Lower will need stock kit and Lower Parts Kit to complete lower before it is ready to fire
(Hammer may need modification for some blow-back operated uppers including some 22LR and 9MM)
-New Frontier Armory Blowback Hammers will solve any issues customers may have with blowback uppers

*Lightest most durable composite polymer lower on the market today
*Low maintenance / easy cleaning / scratch resistant
*Accepts all standard MIL SPEC uppers and lower parts
*Can accommodate any brand MIL SPEC LPK upgrade
*"Zero Slop” fit eliminates the need for wedges
*Lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects when used as directed
*100% USA Made lower and all parts kits
Use Coupon Code "NFA5" for $5 off EACH lower on 10+ Stripped Polymer Lowers!
Use Coupon Code "NFA25" for $8 off EACH lower on 25+ Stripped Polymer Lowers!

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
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Still too expensive.. $35?

Still too expensive.. $35? Yes. $45? No.

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I was getting about 10% or

I was getting about 10% or more fail to fire. NF offered to even modify/fix my upper if that was the problem, but with the cost of shipping it was just cheaper for me to change my trigger and all works 100% now. I tried cleaning everything in the BCA first but it did not help. They had some type of polymer hammer in it. No way was there enough kinetic energy in that to get hit marks in the primers like I'm getting now. But their customer service is great and I love the lightweight.

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mostholycerebus's picture

Good info, but doesnt really

Good info, but doesnt really apply as these are stripped lowers. You would likely use a standard LPK with a metal FCG with this lower.

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I don't think this is as

I don't think this is as cheap as it should be. Before all this craze, polymers were in the $30s. Then everything went crazy and these suddenly sold for over $100. Since everything has started to settle, Sellers are now testing the market by slowly dropping the prices to see what people are still willing to buy, do everyone a favor and give it a week. These polymer lowers will be back to where it should be soon enough.

As far as quality. I don't have too many complaints, except that the LPK can only be installed properly if some shaving is done. Just a but if a pain, but easy enough with a dremel and some graphite. Uppers fit very very tight. Not bad, but sometimes a pain to remove upper

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If this is a good deal for NF

If this is a good deal for NF poly lower, then my purchase recently in locally for NF poly lower with LPK installed (no buffer/stock) at $60 is a good deal then, I assume?

Not bad quality, fits tight and functioned well with any uppers I put on it.

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I am looking for a deal on a

I am looking for a deal on a Spikes tactical.... any ideas. Everywhere I check is out.

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spike's zombie lower is $89

spike's zombie lower is $89 shipped at Aim Surplus

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I bought and assmbled one of

I bought and assmbled one of these on a PSA upper. So far, zero problems, and is extremely lightweight.

I assembled it with a PSA complete lower kit - the takedown pin holes and mag release lever well needed slight sanding to get the pieces in and moving freely.

After assembly, upper fits on very very snug which I like. I've put about 180 rounds though the system thus far, with zero failures. At this point, I would highly, highly recommend this lower receiver for those on a lightweight(my rifle came in at about 6.3 lbs) or budget build.

Also, NFA has a lifetime warranty on their products(provided they are used in a manner consistent with their purpose), so there's no risk involved.

Total fees for me were:

44(lower)+7(shipping)+28(transfer and NICS), so 79$.

Hope this helps

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Oh, there's a risk, alright -

Oh, there's a risk, alright - if the company goes out of business your warranty's worth less than the time it'd take you to e-mail 'em.

Here's hoping NFA stays in business, provides an excellent product, and prospers for a long time to come, though.

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I doubt that a solid piece of

I doubt that a solid piece of polymer will need warranty

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I love that this is so cheap.

I love that this is so cheap.

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Only NFA LW15 lower item that

Only NFA LW15 lower item that hasn't jumped in price... yet.

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